-- Dave Lagana sent out he following today: "'I'm a Paul Heyman Guy!' CM Punk 6/27/11 Monday Night Raw. That one line in Punk's promo kicked off this whirlwind ride we're on in the 'Summer of Punk' story. This period is being talked about as having lead to resurgence of interest in pro wrestling. Over the next three days, I'm going to look back at three different periods in 2007 when CM Punk became the center piece of the ECW Brand. These stories will shine a little light on the frustration surrounding Punk's early run in WWE. This article looks at the time period around the ECW PPV December to Dismemeber including how Heyman wanted to book Punk, how the agents did book Punk against Hardcore Holly and the WWE Hall of Famer who spoke up to save Punk." Read the whole article at iwantwrestling.com

-- Highspots.com has released a "Best of CM Punk DVD," which features his work in IWA Mid-South.

-- In September, Koko B. Ware and Bobby Heenan are booked for appearances at the Wrestling Universe store in Queens, NY.

-- The Bismark Tribune looks at Brock Lesnar's "Deathclutch" book at this link.

-- MyWebTimes.com has an article up on former WWE Diva Maria Kanellis at this link.

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