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- Greg Price's annual NWA Legends gathering starts today in Atlanta, Georgia. Expect to see a lot of autograph opportunities, meet-and-greets, Q&A's, live matches and more.

- The following are expected to be at the event: Roddy Piper, Rob Van Dam, Ole Anderson, The Assassin, Mr. Wrestling II, Steve O, Ted Dibiase, "Doctor D" David Schultz, Tony Atlas, Killer Tim Brooks, The Masked Superstar, Dory Funk Jr., Terry Funk, Eddie Mansfield, Tommy Rich, Nick Bockwinkel,Harley Race, Joyce Grable, Judy Martin, Leilani Kai, Thunderbolt Patterson,Ron Simmons, Gypsy Joe, Stan Hansen, Teddy Long, Ron Garvin, Ron Bass, Buddy Colt, Scrappy McGowan, Moondog Rex, Tully Blanchard, Greg Valentine, Big Mama, Lars Anderson, Ivan Koloff, James J. Dillon, The Mongolian Stomper, Jimmy Snuka, Austin Idol, Pat Rose and Randy Rose, Joe Pedicino, Bonnie Blackstone and Bill Apter

- Piper and Valentine will be part of a special photo opportunity for fans to pose between them while wearing the Starrcade '83 dog collar and chain. Piper will also being doing photos on a recreation of the Piper's Pit set.

- There will also be Q&A sessions with Stan Hansen, The Masked Superstar, Eddie Mansfield and David Schultz.

- Roddy Piper is expected to perform some of his stand-up routine.

- The annual NWA Legends Hall of Heroes banquet will be presided over by JJ Dillon. They will be honoring Masked Superstar, Ron Garvin, Ted Turner, The Assassins and posthumously, Gordon Solie, Ray Stevens and Sir Oliver Humperdink.

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