-- It was reported last week that former ECW star Axl Rotten was seeking donations on Twitter because he would be evicted from his home if he didn't come up with $5,000. He caught wind of the report and says it is absolutely untrue.

Rotten released the following statement: "Yes, I am having financial issues right now (along with millions of other Americans) I DID NOT EVER post anything asking for fans to give me $5000. I have asked for support from "friends and fans" alike. I want this to be made 100% clear! Yes, times are very tight for me, I'm working hard at going back to school, finding a "9 to 5" job and seeking as many bookings as I can get."

-- Territory League has announced that Rikishi will face Gene Snitsky on August 27, 2011 in Sun Valley, California. Kizarny is also scheduled for the event.

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