Michael Tarver Speaks Out - What Went Wrong, Problems With Cena, Nexus

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His opinion on John Cena:

"Professionally, I have the up most respect for John Cena. I think John Cena is the face of the company and should be the fact of the company because there is no one there that can do it the way he does it. John Cena is who he is for a reason, I've never seen anyone work as hard as he does and the man is working (between) 5 and 7 days a week for WWE, Basically he is WWE. Personally, I don't really care for him but it doesn't matter if I care for him."

His side of the story about John Cena purposely injuring him with a chair:

"That night, David Otunga and I knew that we were taking chair shots and we knew when we were taking them, something of that magnitude can be dangerous and we were prepared for it. I had my reservations about it because on an independent show in 2005, a guy I was working with hurt me pretty bad with a chair, hitting me in the back of the head and necking leading to me being temporally unconscious and paralyzed for 45 minutes so I had reservations about taking chair shots. (During the segment), I look over and see David Otunga taking his shot and it sounded like it was a lot harder than it show have been so as I prepared for mine, I felt it and it felt like he was trying to swing for a home run so I dropped out and I wasn't selling it because I was legit hurt. As I'm laying there, I see David Otunga taking multiple chair shots, more than the one that we were told we were taking so when I saw that I decided to get out of there because I was thinking about what happened in 2005 and when I get up, I see part of a chair swinging towards me and I put my left arm up to protect myself.

"Now before I continue, when you are in a situation like that in pro wrestling/sports entertainment and you know there is something that dangerous planned, there is no reason for you to have to protect yourself in that way from being legitimate hurt. There is a reason to protect yourself in a match to get that part over but to protect yourself like if you were getting shot at is something different. I'm not trying to say Cena was trying to maliciously hurt me, I'm just saying he wasn't being very careful. So when he swung the chair, and I put my arm up to project myself, the point of the chair caught my left arm and immediately felt bones crack and knew something was seriously wrong so I ran because I wasn't going to take another shot as I knew I couldn't protect myself.

"I get backstage and its customary being a rookie, being as it is entertainment and we work together, for you to shake hands and thank the person, especially someone like John Cena, to shake his hand and thank him for that experience because he didn't have to work with me or any of us for that matter. I'm in the back and I'm kicking all the trash cans and I'm angry and I'm trying not to yell because I didn't want to lose my job. As he came back, I put my hand out and said "Thank You" and he just looked at me and walked past and of course I was even more angry. He made it about five more steps, looked over his shoulder, laughed and said "How's the arm?" and I said "It's fine" and he laughed again and walked off."

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