Mickie James Recalls Vince McMahon Screaming At Her At WrestleMania 22

TNA Knockout Mickie James recently spoke to Wrestlecast Radio and revealed that she got screamed at by Vince McMahon after her first WrestleMania match.

James debuted in WWE in 2005 and participated in a memorable angle with Trish Stratus. The storyline climaxed at WrestleMania 22 when James captured the WWE Women's Championship from Trish - but the match that should have been the highlight of her career was marred by controversy.

James' character had developed crazed lust-like feelings for her opponent, touched Stratus' crotch and made a provocative gesture towards the camera insinuating a romantic relationship.

McMahon was furious with James and ordered the gesture be edited out of future video releases.

Speaking to Wrestlecast, James recalls: "The only people that remember that are the people watching or who were there live and in person. It didn't make the DVD.

"I came back through the curtain and Vince was really mad. In the moment it had seemed amazing to me. I thought 'Vince will love this'.

"'Crass' was the word I got. He didn't like it at all. He told me 'We're going to have to go back and edit that out. Do you know how much time (this will take)?'

"This was my first Wrestlemania, my mom was in the audience, I'm freaking out already. I'm back through the curtain and I'm already in tears and an emotional mess. And I got yelled at."


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