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In the dark match, Wade Barrett pinned Daniel Bryan with the Wasteland.

Yes sir, we promised you a great main event...

On Twitter moments ago, John Laurinaitis banned Kelly Kelly and Natalya from ringside for tonight's Divas Championship match.

The Vengeance promo aired, focusing on Triple H, CM Punk, John Cena and Big Show, each saying that "vengeance is mine."

Jerry Lawler, Michael Cole and Booker T are handling announcing duties tonight.

The WWE tag team championship match is up first. Vickie Guerrero comes out and introduces Jack Swagger and Dolph Ziggler. Ziggler and Swagger get separate entrances, with Swagger coming out first and Ziggler in second.

WWE Tag Team Championship Match:
Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston (c) vs. Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

Air Boom made a lot of fast tags early, keeping the challengers at bay. Kofi tried a splash on Swagger, who caught Kofi and slammed him into the mat to gain the advantage for his team. Ziggler tagged in and hit a picture-perfect dropkick on Kofi.

Kofi was eventually able to make the hot tag to Bourne, who cleaned house with his high flying. The advantage went back to the heels though, after Swagger got his knees up when Bourne went for Air-Bourne. The challengers used their size advantage to keep Bourne down.

Bourne eventually made the hot tag to Kofi. Kofi nailed a high crossbody from the top for a two count. He followed with a boom drop, but missed the TIP and hit the SOS, but only got a two when Swagger interfered. Bourne planted Swagger with knees to the chest from the top, sending Swagger out. Kofi hit Ziggler with TIP, and Bourne followed up with the Air-Bourne splash to get the win for his team.

Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston (c) defeated Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger

Zack Ryder's music hit, and that match is up next. Ziggler is already in the ring, trying to recover.

United States Championship Match:
Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Zack Ryder

Ryder starts off hot, getting a series of two counts. "Let's Go Ryder" chants break out. Ryder stays on offense, eventually sending Ziggler to the outside. Air Boom, who have stayed at ringside, threw Ziggler in the ring. The referee ordered Air Boom to the back.

Ziggler took control of the match, earning several two counts. Ziggler is looking a lot like Curt Hennig at SummerSlam '91 when he lost the IC title to Bret Hart. Ziggler hit The Rocker dropper for another two count. Ryder got his knees up when Ziggler charged in the corner. Swagger tried to interfere from outside the ring, but Ryder kicked him off and blocked a Zig Zag from behind. Ryder was still distracted by Swagger and nailed him with a drop kick, but was met with a super kick when he turned his attention back to Ziggler, allowing Ziggler to get the win.

Dolph Ziggler (c) defeated Zack Ryder

Backstage CM Punk is talking to Ted Dibiase, but Triple H came in. Dibiase took off. Triple H said that he wasn't trying to screw him with the immigration problems on RAW. Punk said he believed him, and they are on the same page.

Beth Phoenix's music hits, and that match is next.

They air a backstage scuffle between Natalya, Phoenix, Kelly and Eve that happened earlier tonight, which led to Kelly and Natalya being banned from ringside that we reported earlier.

WWE Divas Championship:
Beth Phoenix (c) vs. Eve

Neither woman had a real advantage early on. Crowd was quiet for this match. Eve kicked Phoenix in the face, and then used a strap from Phoenix's outfit to tie her on the ropes. Eve punched away at Phoenix. Phoenix was able to get untied and rolled outside the ring. Eve went outside, but her feet were swept from under her on the apron. Phoenix proceeded to press Eve and drop her on the outside and put a beatdown on the challenger, before bringing her back into the ring.

Phoenix continued to dominate the challenger back in the ring. Eve was able to regain the advantage for a short time and put her in a unique armbar/triangle type submission. Eve kept the hold down on the mat, but Phoenix was able to make her way to the ropes. Eve planted Phoenix in the turnbuckle, but was clotheslined on the top rope. Phoenix then went for the Glam Slam, but Eve countered and rolled her up fro a two count. Phoenix continue on offense, but was met with a kick that floored her. Eve went to the top and missed a moonsault. Phoenix followed up with the Glam Slam to get the pin.

Beth Phoenix (c) pinned Eve

After the match, Phoenix mockingly tended to her fallen opponent before heading to the back.

Backstage Matt Striker interviewed The Big Show. Striker asked Show if he was prepared after his long layoff. Show said he is ready, and Henry will experience everything he's experienced over the last four months, and Vengeance -- and the World heavyweight championship -- will be his.

A promo aired hyping the WWE: Greatest Rivalries - Shawn Michaels vs. Bret Hart DVD.

Sheamus vs. Christian

Sheamus dominated Christian early on in the match, using his size and strength to his advantage. Sheamus planted Christian with a Davey Boy Smith extended suplex for a two count. I'm a little surprised at the lack of heat in this match.

Christian was thrown in the ropes a kicked Sheamus to gain the advantage. Christian landed a pair of neckbreakers and a series of kicks. At one point, Michael Cole noted that he was reading JR's Twitter. Man, the commentating in WWE needs an overhaul.

Christian stayed in control of the match, including hitting a missile dropkick from the second rope. Christian tried to follow with a flying headbutt, but Sheamus rolled out of the way. Sheamus took control with a series of clotheslines and a bodyslam. Christian was able to send Sheamus outside of the ring, but was met with a shoulder when Sheamus re-entered.

Later in the match, Sheamus hit an Irish Curse backbreaker for a two count. He signaled from the Brogue kick, but was met with a spear when he charged at Christian, who was able to get a two count. Christian then hit a hurricarana from the top rope, and motioned for another spear. However, when he charged at Sheamus with the spear, he was met with a huge Brogue kick. Sheamus then covered Christian for the three count. Good match, hurt by the quiet crowd.

Sheamus pinned Christian

Backstage David Otunga is speaking with John Laurinaitis. The Miz and R-Truth interrupt, and Otunga takes off. Miz and Truth credit Laurinaitis for re-instating them, and asked him why he did. Laurinaitis said that they suck up well and left. Miz and Truth argued over who is better at sucking up, but then agree that Triple H and CM Punk suck. They did some "suck" jokes that mostly fell flat. The finished by saying that it sucks to be Triple H and CM Punk. Not their strongest showing.

A cool promo aired airing the history of the Triple H and CM Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth feud.

The heels make their way to the ring first, singing "You Suck." CM Punk is out next, and The Game enters last.

Triple H and CM Punk vs. The Miz and R-Truth

Punk and Miz started the match for their respective teams. Punk landed some stiff kicks early, and Triple H tagged himself in. Miz made a quick tag to Truth. HHH floored Truth with a shoulder block early, and took control of the match. He did a crotch chop and tagged Punk back in. Punk hit a suplex and went for the cover, but truth kicked out quickly and tagged in Miz.

Punk immediately got Miz to the mat and tied up his legs and slapped him. He tagged HHH back in and they nailed Miz with a double suplex. HHH chop blocked Miz and applied a figure four leglock, and used Punk for leverage while the ref was paying attention to Miz. HHH eventually let go of the hold and tagged Punk back in.

Punk got a quick two count, and then applied an arm bar. This time, Punk used HHH for leverage whenever the referee was distracted. Punk was met with an elbow when he charged Miz in the corner, and was then clocked by Truth when he went to their corner. Truth tagged in and applied a headlock. A "CM Punk" chant broke out. Punk hit a side suplex to break free. Punk then tagged Triple H, who beat down Truth and then threw Miz in the ring for good measure. HHH dominated the heels and hit them with a double clothesline, sending both outside the ring. HHH got Truth back in and punched Miz. Truth then hit HHH with a dropkick to regain the advantage for his team.

The heels got HHH back in the ring and worked him over in their corner. They made frequent tags, wearing The Game down and garnering several two counts in the process. Truth got HHH in a body scissors. HHH was eventually able to get Truth up and dropped him backwards, but Truth was able to tag in the Miz. Miz went to charge at HHH, but The Game floored him with a clothesline. Miz tagged Truth back in, but was met with a DDT from HHH. Both teams made a tag, and Punk nailed Miz with a flying clothesline. Truth got in the ring, and Punk cleaned house of both heels. Punk slammed Miz and went to the top rope. Truth tried to run interference, but HHH grabbed him and threw him over the guard rail. Punk nailed Miz with the Randy Savage elbow and motioned for the GTS. Outside of the ring, Kevin Nash nailed HHH from the crowd. Truth got back in the ring, and Miz and Truth planted Punk with a combo Skull Crushing Finale/R-Truth DDT to get the pin.

The Miz and R-Truth defeated Triple H and CM Punk

After the match, Nash continued to beat on Triple H outside of the ring. He threw HHH back in the ring and planted him with a powerbomb before taking off through the crowd. HHH laid in the middle of the ring for awhile. Triple H slowly got back to his face as they replayed Nash's powerbomb several times, teasing the Triple H was injured. HHH slowly made his way to the back, favoring his arm.

Backstage Alberto Del Rio approaches John Laurinaitis, and is upset for being put in a last man standing match. Laurinaitis noted that Del Rio had never been in a HIAC match and still won. Del Rio said that he was right, and he always finds a way to win.

A "Be A Star" promo aired.

Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes

Orton dominated the match early on. Once again, not much heat in this match. Rhodes was able to gain the advantage and gain some near falls. Rhodes nailed Orton with a clothesline and cinched in a chinlock, but Orton was able to suplex his way out of it. Both men got to their feet, and Rhodes hit Orton with a dropkick.

Rhodes stayed on offense, stomping Orton in the gut and beating Orton down with kicks. Rhodes continued to work Orton over. Rhodes went to the top rope and attempted a moonsault, but there was nobody home. Orton took control and nailed Rhodes with a series of clotheslines and a powerslam. Rhodes hit a quick punch and climbed to the top rope again, but was met with a dropkick when he came off.

Orton attempted a gut wrench, but Rhodes hit a disaster kick and got two count. Moments later, Orton countered his way into hitting a backbreaker on Rhodes for a two count. Orton then hit the gut wrench for another two. Rhodes headbutted Orton and was able to hit a moonsault, but only got a two count. Rhodes then missed a flying knee from the top. Orton hit Rhodes with an uppercut, but was distracted by one of the baggers and Rhodes hit Cross Rhodes. One... two... kickout! Rhodes then motioned for an RKO, mocking Orton, but was met with a dropkick when Orton got to his feet. Orton then hit a DDT on the ropes and signaled for the RKO. Rhodes motioned for another bagger to interfere, who jumped on the apron. Orton pushed Rhodes into the bagger and then planted him with an RKO to get the pin.

Randy Orton pinned Cody Rhodes.

A promo aired hyping the Rock returning to action at the Survivor Series next month. The World heavyweight championship match is up next.

World Heavyweight Championship Match:
Mark Henry (c) vs. Big Show

Show took control of the match early, landing a flurry of punches early on which sent Henry heading for cover outside of the ring. Henry got on the apron, and Show flung him into the ring. Show continued to beat him down, including nailing him with a kick to the jaw. Henry retreated outside the ring again. Henry grabbed the belt from the timekeeper and started heading to the back, but Show came out and got him back in the ring.

Show entered the ring, but was met with a chop block. Henry followed up with a big body slam and then started working over Show's knee. Henry dropped elbows on Show's injured knee. Henry continued to work the leg over until Show was finally able to shove Henry off. Both men got to their feet and nailed each other with a clothesline.

They fought their way back to their feet, and Show landed a series of headbutts, followed by a series of clotheslines. Show hit a shoulderblock and a bodyslam. Show then called for a chokeslam. Show grabbed Henry's throat and hit the chokeslam. One.. two.. Henry kicks out! Show then went for the big punch, but was met with a kick to the gut. Henry then hit the WSS. One... two... Show kicks out! Henry then went to the top rope. Show caught him at the top and hit a giant chokeslam from the top rope. One... two.. Henry kicks out!

A frustrated Show got to his feet, and then decided to give the top rope a try. Show climbed to the second rope, and Henry caught him with a punch. Henry then hit a superplex, which forced the ring to collapse. Although it's been done before, it was an awesome spot!

Officials hit the ring and signaled for help. EMTs brought out a stretcher from the back and realized that it wouldn't be Big Enough. Officials then brought a vehicle with a flatbed on back. John Laurinaitis and Teddy Long headed to ringside. They helped the officials tending to Show and Henry. Show was placed on the flatbed and escorted to the back. Officials tried to help Henry out of the ring, but he collapsed on the floor. He was helped up, and Henry pushed everyone back before falling back to the ground. Henry said he didn't want anyone's help and that he was the champion. Finally Henry was able to walk to the back with the help of officials. Laurinaitis took the mic and said that regardless of the injuries sustained by Show and Henry and the condition of the ring, the WWE championship match will still take place. Good match until the non-finish, in many ways the best thing on the show so far. I don't think I've ever said that after a match with Henry and Show.

Mark Henry (c) and The Big Show fought to a no contest.

Main event time!

Ricardo Rodriguez comes out and introduces Alberto Del Rio. The ring is still in shambles.

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship:
Alberto Del Rio (c) vs. John Cena

They are doing the match with the faulty ring. Cena is wearing new gear, donning camouflage shorts. Dueling "Let's Go Cena" / "Cena sucks" chants at the onset. Right as the bell rang, Del Rio threw Rodriguez into Cena. Cena got Rodriguez in position for an AA, but was kicked in the gut by Del Rio. Del Rio proceeded to dominate the opening moments of the match.

The big story of the match was the broken ring, and the announcers were selling big how it changes the match. At one point, Cena went for the five knuckle shuffle, but couldn't run the ropes so he just dropped a punch. Moments later Cena hit a gut wrench suplex, but Del Rio got up at 4. Cena charged at Del Rio, but Del Rio caught Cena in a tilt a whirl suplex. The ref started the count, but Del Rio stopped it at 4 and continued the attack on Cena. Del Rio placed Cena under the fallen ringside post, and then jumped on it. The ref started the count again, but Cena rolled to the center of the ring and got up at 8.

Del Rio charged at him and was met with an AA. Both men are down and the ref starts the count. Both men get up around 8 and Cena for for another AA, but Rodriguez runs interference. Del Rio then locks in a sleeper hold and scissors the body. Del Rio kept the hold on for awhile, and then finally let go and the ref started the count. Cena up at 8. Del Rio grabbed Cena, but Cena reversed and threw Del Rio out of the ring into the ringside barricade since there were no ropes. Del Rio pulled himself up at 7. Cena went outside the ring, but Del Rio managed to throw him shoulder-first into the steel steps. Ref starts count, but Cena's up at 5. Rodriguez tries to interfere again, but is atomic dropped on the steel post.

Back in the ring and Del Rio charged at Cena, but Cena ducked and tripped him onto the steel post. Cena went outside the ring and grabbed a set of steel steps, but Del Rio attacked Cena forcing him to drop the steps. Del Rio then used the steps as a weapon, ramming Cena's head into them. Del Rio grabbed another set of steps and nailed Cena in the head with them. Ref started the count, but Cena is up at 9 and exploded on Del Rio. Cena started fighting Del Rio to the back and threw him over a table. Another count, but Del Rio was up at 8. Cena then pushed a giant crate on him, but Del Rio rolled out of the way.

Del Rio then slammed Cena on the crate. Another count, Cena up at 7. Del Rio then threw parts of the interview stage onto Cena. Ref starts the count, and Cena is up at 8. Del Rio starts punching away at Cena, and they head back into the arena. They trade punches, and Cena gets the better of him. Rodriguez runs interference again, and Del Rio throws Cena through the big "V" on the stage. Del Rio then grabbed a table and placed Cena on it. Del Rio then started climbing a part of the stage, but Cena grabbed him and put him through the table.

Del Rio got up at 8, and they continued fighting back towards the ring. Cena tried to throw Del Rio in the ring, but Del Rio reversed and threw him over the announce table. Del Rio then setup a table, but Cena powered back and threw Del Rio into the barricade. Rodriguez tried to run interference, but Cena nailed him. Del Rio went to kick Cena, who ducked and Del Rio kicked the post. Cena then setup the steel steps next to the announce table and got Del Rio up on his shoulders for the AA. Cena climbed to the top of the steps and threw him through the table. Cena said that "was it" and went back in the ring.

The Miz and R-Truth his the ring and assaulted Cena in the ring. Miz and Truth hit their finishers on Cena, and the ref was distracted by the assault. Miz and Truth took off, and Del Rio got back to his feet. The ref continued the count on Cena, but he got up at 8. Del Rio grabbed the belt and clocked Cena with it. The ref started the count and Cena wasn't able to make it. Del Rio wins the match.

Alberto Del Rio (c) defeated John Cena

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