Source: PWInsider

-- WWE has applied to trademark two show titles, which are "WWE Countdown" and "WWE Action Center."

-- WWE has applied to trademark new WWE logos which are similar to the WWE Network logo, which recently came out.

-- WWE has posted a job opening for 'Vice President, Digital and Social Media here. Here is the job description:

The WWE, an international media and entertainment company, is launching a new television network which will be THE most interactive channel to be leveraged across all media platforms. WWE is looking for a VP of Digital and Social Media who will be instrumental in the creation and launch of a fully multiplatform television network WWE TV. The VP will be responsible for: overall strategy of integrating TV with digital, overseeing the management and operations of the multi-media integration. The VP will enhance the current initiatives to encompass one voice for the brand, with an eye toward increasing daily interactions (i.e. page views and user engagement) and influencing participation/audience rates.

Responsibilities include:

Develop all digital strategies related to Network for: Online, Mobile, VOD, "streaming" and all interactive elements (email, SMS, text, chat and polling applications etc.)

Manage social media outlets: Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, YouTube etc

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