Jim Ross posted his last blog entry last night. Here are some highlights, you can check out the full blog by clicking here.

WWE's hottest performer: "@CMPunk is WWE's hottest performer at the moment and connects better than anyone I've seen in a while with the fans. I've seen average in ring talents that were able to connect with the paying customers earn big money and Punk is no average, in ring talent."

The Rock's return: "Re-watched portions of Survivor Series. There were a couple of bouts in particular that I would have enjoyed broadcasting but be that as it may I thought that @TheRock looked fantastic and certainly seemed quicker and arguably more athletic than he did at times during his original, WWE run. Very impressed. For a guy to be gone 7+ years and return in game shape and without ring rust is a helluva accomplishment."

A John Cena heel turn: "Not sure what most people think that a wrestling villain is supposed to be but for me it's a guy fans loudly boo and buy tickets and PPVs to see said individual get beat up and to lose.

"So when we get endless emails here or Tweets @JRsBBQ regarding John Cena changing his persona to be a 'full fledged bad guy' I become disconnected. There is a large part of the beloved WWE Universe who enjoys booing Cena and like to see John in less than positive situations. So, what would said change be exactly? Cena would get the little kids and the women to boo him? Come on, and forgo all that merchandise that he sells? That makes zero sense to me.

"Cena's in ring, TV persona is somewhat reminiscent of Bret Hart's TV persona during a point in time of his WWE run. The Cena 'turning into a full fledged villain role' as some fans constantly encourage seems over thought in my opinion."

If he's retiring: "Again, NO. I'm not thinking about it. I enjoy my association with WWE and, being a team player, enjoy the various assignments that are come my way. Change isn't always bad and not being on the road 51 weeks a year doesn't hurt my feelings."

Brodus Clay's delayed debut: "No idea what the delay in Brodus Clay debuting on Raw may be but it may not be really be a 'delay' at all. I do know that the 'false starts' have begun to create a little buzz and the more anticipation for the monster Clay the better. Just maximize those minutes."

If Booker T can still 'go': "My answer to that question is yes, without question. Booker is ring savvy and is still light years ahead of most of the WWE roster when it comes to ring psychology."

Daniel Bryan's performance on SmackDown: "After Daniel Bryan's performance on the live, Smackdown I hope that WWE decision makers see that Bryan is a player and that fans will buy him in a main event level role. He may not pass some folk's 'eye test' but Bryan has just a little bit of 'it.'"

John Morrison leaving WWE: "Upon further review, it might make more sense than many John Morrison fans think for John to step away from WWE now that his WWE contract has expired. John has had a few injuries that rest and physical therapy will help greatly. Plus, he's free to enjoy the holidays. I can see John taking a few months, perhaps even a year, off, heal, recharge his batteries and then return to WWE. Of course the obvious question from many fans is when will Morrison turn up on another company's wrestling, TV show? Personally, I don't see that happening but that's merely one guy's opinion. John is a talented athlete and certainly wish him the best."

Ross also wrote about an Undertaker return, if Shawn Michaels is really retired, the Ultimate Warrior in the Hall of Fame and much more. You can check out the full blog entry at this link.

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