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Del Rio and Miz hit a double suplex before both men start simply laying the boots to Punk. Del Rio and Miz stop to stare each other down before both men make their way to the outside to procure some weapons. On their way back Del Rio catches Miz with a couple of chair shots before kicking him in the chest on the arena floor. Del Rio grabs a ladder and heads back to the ring, and Punk leaps from the ring, crashing into Del Rio as he's carrying the ladder. Punk sends Miz back into the ring and grabs a chair, following Miz. Miz attacks Punk as soon as he gets back into the ring, grabbing the chair and using it to bury in Punk's stomach. Miz tries to splash Punk in the corner but Punk movers, hitting the high knee in the corner. Punk goes for the bull dog, but Miz fights it off, hitting a belly to back suplex, dropping Punk down head first onto an open chair.

Miz goes to the outside and props a ladder up on the ring apron. He tries for the SCF on Del Rio, but Del Rio fights it off and back body drops Miz onto the ladder. Del Rio grabs the ladder and tries to bring it into the ring. Del Rio avoids a baseball slide, but Punk slides out of the ring and kicks the ladder into Del Rio's face. Punk sends Del Rio into the barricade hard. Punk tries to suplex Del Rio through a table at ringside but Del Rio fights it off. Del Rio tries for a German suplex, but Punk fights it off and hits a neckbreaker. Miz is in and attacks Punk with a chair, but when he swings for Punk's head, Punk ducks it and Miz connects with the ring post. Punk wears out Miz with the chair, hitting him with it over and over. Punk sits Miz on the barricade and sets up a chair, charging Miz and hitting him with a high knee, leaping off the chair and sending Miz crashing into the crowd.

Punk goes for a huge ladder and brings it back into the ring. Punk sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring and begins climbing up for the championship. Ricardo is in and he grabs Punk's foot. Ricardo handcuffs Punk to the ladder and Del Rio comes in from the side to lay the boots in to Punk.

Del Rio begins climbing the ladder that Punk is handcuffed to. Punk kicks at the ladder and dismantles part of it, freeing himself. Punk uses the handcuffs as a weapon, driving them into Del Rio's head, before setting the ladder up against the ropes and back body dropping Del Rio into the ladder hard. Miz slides into the ring while Punk is grabbing weapons, and he's got a ladder. Miz uses the ladder as a weapon, driving and dropping it down hard on Punk. Miz climbs the ladder fast and he makes it to the top but Punk pulls him down. Punk tries for the Go to Sleep, but Miz fights it off in the corner, hitting Punk with a couple of clubbing blows to the back. Punk sends Miz out to the ring apron and he tries to superplex Punk to the outside, but Del Rio catches Punk with a kick to the side of the head and Punk falls out to the floor through a table.

Del Rio sends Miz to the outside and he follows, where he throws a ladder at Miz and begins hitting him with a chair. Del Rio uses the ladder to choke Miz, before he wraps Miz's arm up in the ladder and locks in the cross arm breaker. Miz is tapping out, but it doesn't matter in this match. Del Rio breaks the hold and he grabs a chair, slowly making his way back toward the ring. Del Rio grabs a second chair and tosses it on top of Punk when he gets back by the ring. Del Rio uses the other chair to his the chair laying on top of Punk, wearing him out. Del Rio stomps away at Punk before locking in the cross arm breaker with Punk's arm wrapped in a chair. Punk is screaming, but it still doesn't matter. Del Rio looks up, and he heads back into the ring to try for the belt.

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