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Hunter picks Nash up to his feet and Nash fights back, whipping Hunter into the ladder hard enough to send him sailing into the ladder and over the top rope, crashing down onto the floor. Nash waits for Hunter to peak over the apron, and slides the ladder into his face, sending the Game back down to the floor. Nash wedges the ladder in between the middle and top rope before heading to the outside. He grabs Hunter and sends him back into the ring, taking time to hit him with a couple of clubbing blows to the chest on the way back in. Nash comes back into the ring and hits a side slam, laying Hunter out on a ladder laid in the ring.

Nash adjusts the ladder in the corner, moving it down to between the bottom and middle rope. Nash drags Hunter under the ladder and slingshots him up face first into it. Nash rolls Hunter out of the ring, and Triple H crumples to the floor. Nash makes his way over to the announce table and begins dismantling it. Nash takes the monitors out and turns back around to Triple H. Nash goes for a jackknife powerbomb, but Hunter back body drops Nash over the table, avoiding the move. Hunter rolls back into the ring.

Hunter sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring, and he begins climbing. Nash catches him from behind and pulls him off the ladder, delivering a clothesline to lay him out. Nash props up the ladder in the corner, whipping Hunter into it. Triple H comes out of the corner, and he's met with a hand to the throat, as Nash delivers a chokeslam.

Nash heads to the outside and goes under the ring, grabbing a table. Nash slides the table into the ring and makes his way in afterwards. Nash sets up the table before taking down the straps on his singlet. Nash pulls Hunter over toward the table and tries for another powerbomb, but Hunter drives him back into the ladder propped in the corner. Hunter grabs the ladder and uses it to drive into Nash's injured knee. Hunter sets up the ladder in the middle of the ring again.

With Nash on the outside Hunter begins the climb. Nash makes it back into the ring and begins climbing up the other side. Nash and Hunter fight at the top of the ladder and Hunter uses the sledge hammer, still hanging from the roof, to drive into Nash's head, sending him sailing from the ladder and through the table in the ring. Hunter looks up and grabs the sledge hammer, bringing it down from the ceiling.

Hunter makes his way down to the mat and uses the hammer to hit Nash's knee, driving it home repeatedly. Hunter tosses the ladder out of the ring and stands over Nash, seething. Hunter looks out to the crowd to a ton of cheers, and he tosses the hammer to the side. Hunter goes for the pedigree and Nash falls to the mat, so Hunter pulls him up and makes sure to deliver the pedigree properly.

The crowd chants for one more, but Hunter shakes his head and walks over to grab the sledge hammer. When he turns around, Nash is holding up the Wolfpac sign, but it doesn't matter, as Triple H tells him to 'suck it' and drives the hammer into Nash's head, dropping him to the mat for the three count.

Winner: Triple H

Following the match, medics are down and they load Nash on to a backboard, strapping his neck in securely before transferring him over to a stretcher to take him to the back. Lawler says something about what goes around comes around.


We go backstage where Matt Striker is standing alongside CM Punk. He says Punk had an interesting experience with his challengers last Monday, and we get a recap of Alberto Del Rio and the Miz beating Punk down before their match tonight. Striker asks for Punks thoughts. Punk says he had six days to watch this footage, and as painful as it was, there was something more painful. More painful than sitting through two hours of Cole commentary. He says what he saw was Johnny Ace accept an award on his behalf, and it was for Superstar of the Year. And he's not received his Slammy yet. Ace comes in and says he mailed the Slammy, but it's the holiday season, so it might be a while. Ace says Punk should be more worried about his match tonight. He wishes Punk luck tonight and a Merry Christmas. Punk says luck is for losers before walking out.

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