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Sheamus vs. Jack Swagger

The bell rings and we get a quick lock up. Swagger breaks and lays into Sheamus with a couple of strikes. Sheamus tells him to bring it on and hits him with a big clothesline. Sheamus drops it up with a couple of big elbow drops to Swagger, then takes him to the corner to beat on him for a while before hitting a big shoulder block. Sheamus sends Swagger into the ropes, and Swagger is able to turn it around into an abdominal stretch, but Sheamus is quick to fight it off, tie Swagger up in the ropes, and hit him with repeated clubbing blows to the chest before just tossing him to the outside.

Sheamus tries to suplex Swagger back into the ring, but Swagger blocks it, so Sheamus hits him with a couple of rights that send him back out to the floor. Sheamus follows, but he's driven spine first into the ring post before being sent into the barricade hard. Swagger sends Sheamus back into the ring and hits the Vader bomb in the corner for a quick near fall.

Swagger tosses Sheamus into the ropes and hits him with a big forearm to the bat. When he tries to do it again, Sheamus responds with a big clothesline, then a couple of running forearms. Sheamus beats on Swagger's back in the corner before taking him to the middle of the ring and slamming him to the mat hard for another near fall. Sheamus heads out to the apron and makes his way up, but Swagger surprises him with a big running forearm that sends Sheamus crashing to the outside. Swagger follows, but this time Sheamus sends Swagger spine first into the ring post and then hard into the barricade. Sheamus sends Swagger back into the ring and follows with a big diving shoulder block from the top rope for another near fall for Sheamus.

Sheamus gets himself psyched up, but he misses the bicycle kick, and Swagger is able to connect with a couple of low dropkicks to the knee, and another Vader bomb in the corner. Swagger pulls Sheamus out into the middle of the ring and locks in the ankle lock, keeping Sheamus in the middle. Sheamus rolls through to send Swagger into the corner, and he sidesteps a spear. Sheamus connects with the bicycle kick, and lays Swagger out for the three count.

Winner: Sheamus

Sheamus makes his way to the back, celebrating at the top of the entranceway.


Josh Matthews is standing backstage where he welcomes the Big Show. He asks for any final thoughts. Show says he's feeling it. He's got Henry beat. Henry hasn't been able to beat him since he's been back, and tonight, he's got steel chairs. He says he's feeling Mark Henry's reign of terror is over. His championship drought is over. He says tonight is going to end in a giant way before letting out a little yell and leaving.

World Heavyweight Championship Chairs Match
Big Show vs. Mark Henry (c)

The bell rings and Show bails to the outside immediately. Show starts tossing chairs into the ring. five, six, seven. Show keeps going, eleven, twelve. Show picks up chair thirteen and brings it back into the ring with it in hand. Henry is waiting with a chair, but he drops it and heads to the outside.

Henry heads over to the time keeper's area and asks for his title, saying this isn't happening. Henry walks out, but Show heads out with a chair in hand. Show ducks a title shot from Henry, and hits him with a couple of huge chair shots. Show lays in to Henry with a couple of big rights and lefts, but Henry is quick to respond with a couple of rights and a head butt of his own. Henry grabs a chair and slams it down into Show's back before taking his hand and slamming it into the ring steps. Henry hits Show in the gut with a chair before sending him back into the ring. Back in the ring both men swing chairs and Show drops him. Henry hits him with a couple more shots before taking the chair and burying it in Show's midsection.

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