Our Full Interview With DDP: Early WCW Days, WWE Regrets, DDPYoga, Savage, Guererro, More

WrestlingINC.com: During that time, business really caught fire with the nWo. You were feuding with Eddie Guerrero at that time, and we recently saw that great video of you and Chris Jericho sharing stories about Eddie. Are there any other stories you can share with us?

Page: One of my favorite moments with him was… if Eddie knew he was taking the [diamond] cutter – and a lot of times I was taking the [frog] splash – he's the one that came up with the powerbomb diamond cutter, it's the greatest diamond cutter out there. The only one that can touch it is the one that [Randy] Orton did with Evan Bourne. I think the one with Eddie was really, really amazing.

The one inside story I can tell ya, we were at Halloween Havoc and that's where Eddie was supposed to go over. If you look back and you watch that match, you'll see Eddie do this splash to me off the top rope down on the ground. He nudged up somewhere doing that and tore his right cartilage along his ribs, which is one of the most "Oh my god!" painful things – and he still kept going. I didn't even know he was hurt until right at the end, you'll see me grab him and hit him with the diamond cutter. I don't do anything spiffy with it, I just grab him and hit him. That's because when I'm going to pick him up and wanting him to reverse it on me, he's yelling, "diamond cutter! Diamond cutter!" so I said "OK" and hit him with the diamond cutter and pinned him, 1-2-3. He was in so much pain… but he kept going, though. But he could not do the frog splash off the top.

WrestlingINC.com: It was after your feud with Eddie Guerrero that your feud with the nWo and Randy Savage started.

Page: Yeah, what happened was it became about the NWO thing, I came up with the angle [to turn down joining the nWo]. I went to Kevin [Nash], I said, "I got this great idea. You guys come to me and want me to be NWO. You come to me [to be] number five, and I'll go, "f--k you. I don't need you! I got the baddest b-tch on the planet, I don't need you" and I walk off. It was supposed to be two weeks, and then I come down and get the shirt, Scott [Hall] and Kev hug me, Scott grabs my hand and then I pull him back... diamond cutter! That was supposed to happen ten weeks before it happened. They pulled it off TV ten weeks in a row!

By the time we did it, it was in New Orleans and I was ready to quit... I was so ready to quit. If we didn't do it that week, my life would be completely different. It was supposed to be 12 minutes.... watch it, it's four. They cut my time from 12 [minutes] to 10, to 8, to 6 to 4! I was so f--king pissed, by the time I went out there!

When we did the "Very Best of Nitro" DVD, the producers [said], "I cannot believe how much sh-t you fit into four minutes there." I was so mad, I was yelling [before the angle] and Kev said, "dude, what do you want me to say?" I said, "this whole company's always f--king me around!" He's like, "dude, breathe."

But those guys came out, the place blew perfectly... but I was so pissed. When I went through the people, I came down, I grabbed my bag and didn't say "thank you" to anybody because I was so pissed and I didn't want anybody to see how pissed I was for the favor they just did for me, which was the biggest thing in my career.

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