Our Full Interview With DDP: Early WCW Days, WWE Regrets, DDPYoga, Savage, Guererro, More

So it was what it was and -- I tell you what, I would never have the deal I have today with Warner Brothers for getting my DDPYoga, and that to me dwarfed what I did in wrestling for the next 20 years. It dwarfed. And that's the f--king gold standard. When you got the guys that are like Mick Foley who's coming to my house fricking on Wednesday to come and work out with me.

I mean, I'm going to get there eventually [with DDPYoga] because I got the thing that is holding up, that gives you the benefits and it helps heal your body and nobody's beat up their bodies like we [wrestlers] have. Kane's doing it [DDPYoga] right now and Jericho ... It's so funny, one of these wrestling websites said DDP is using Jericho to push his DDP yoga. But you know, Chris is the one who said he'd put it out like a son of a b---h. I didn't say that it changed his life. Chris said that, not me! I'm honored, I'm f--king honored that it's helped him, you know? It feels great.

WrestlingINC.com: It seems like with WWE, that you guys have a good relationship now having just recently done the Best of Nitro DVD. Could we look forward to seeing you doing more with them?

Page: I just signed a legends deal. [laughs] I always loved the WWE. I don't care. My career didn't really end the way that I wanted it to but I had the greatest career ever. I had the career that no one is supposed to have. You know, so there is no animosity or. I want to do things with the WWE like their new channel. That's exciting for me.

WrestlingINC.com: Is doing something like their Legends House TV show, is that something you'd be willing to do?

Page: Everyone's been asking me about that, you know! I'll do it -- it depends what -- I don't know what they're going to do with that. I don't know what the mode is going to be. I'm not going to work with the [Iron] Sheik on TV to try to get him to do DDPYoga. [laughs] These people would look at me like I'm f--king crazy.

When they can see the sh-t that I can do, it will freak them out. Because none of them, not even the young guys, can do it. You know, so what does that tell you? So if there's a positive role model for me to come in on, absolutely. Am I going to make it kooky or dilute my brand in anyway? Never. I worked for ten years on this. If we can make it awesome and there's a spot there, absolutely, you know? Am I going to be the smarmy guy? It's like, no. I'm going to be f--king DDP, you know?

WrestlingINC.com: Thanks for taking the time to do this interview. What else can you tell us about DDP Yoga?

Page: I say in my opening video on ddpyoga.com that this can be for everybody. This workout is for young kids, which we do this really fun video workout with kids. Probably in about six or eight months I'm going to push my infomercial and all that sh-t. We're going to come up with a kids version... I'll make it fun for them but it's for kids, it's for adults, it's for people who are beat up, it's for people who want to have that edge, it's for that athlete that wants to be better than everyone else because their endurance is suitable, their flexibility is insane, and when you're flexibility is insane along with your core strength like Rob Van Dam, you're hurt once in 20 years, you know? To me, it's just like this workout is the fountain of youth and I'm passionate about it because I've watched it help so many people and I love it.

Make sure to learn more about DDPYoga by clicking here. A lot of wrestlers are now using it including Chris Jericho, Mick Foley, Shane Helms and scores of others. You can check out more about it below:

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