Backstage, Christy Hemme is standing with Eric Bischoff and Gunner. Bischoff says he's pissed off that Hulk needs to insert himself in his family business, but at the same time, he's grateful. He says the Gunner is probably going to destroy Garett. So much so that Garett may never be able to participate in physical activity again. He says he knows it's hard for a young man to live up to his father's success, and maybe he's driven Garett here. He says he's going to give Garett and Hulk and extra option tonight, and that's to throw in the towel. Gunner says tonight he's going to finish what he started. He says they're going to need that towel to wipe up what's left.

Garett Bischoff (w/ Hulk Hogan) vs. Gunner (w/ Eric Bischoff)

We get a video package that shows the events leading up to this abomination of (what will hopefully be a short) match. All I'm reminded off throughout the whole video, is how nothing Hogan and Bischoff do, will ever make me care about Garett.

Gunner is the first man to make his way out to the ring, accompanied by Eric Bischoff. Gunner is carrying a towel in hand, and he and Eric promised backstage. They get a little bit of heat from the crowd, but it seems like the crowd is about as excited as I am. Garett Bischoff is out next, and since he's with Hogan, he gets a good reaction. But the crowd immediately chanting for Hogan shows exactly who they care about. Tenay even references that the crowd are standing for "the trainer of Garett Bischoff".

Garett looks to be wrestling in gym pants. The bell rings and Gunner shoves Garett. Garett takes Gunner down with a couple of arm drags, then a sloppy dropkick. Gunner heads to the corner, and Earl Hebner holds Garett back. Gunner takes Garett down to the mat and slaps the back of his head.

Gunner hits Garett with a couple of rights before tearing away at him in the corner. Garett hits another arm drag before locking in an arm bar. Gunner gets back to his feet and Garett continues to work over the arm. Gunner fights it off with a head butt, continuing the assault with another before taking things into the corner, and raking his face across the top rope. Gunner buries his shoulder in Garett's midsection. Garett comes back with a couple of rights but Gunner puts him down with a clubbing blow to the back. Garett hits the ropes and Eric grabs his foot. The distraction gets up the ire of Hogan and Hebner heads to the outside to cool things down while Gunner beats on Garett and stomps away in the corner.

Garett hits a running forearm and takes Gunner down with a backslide. Garett locks on a front face lock, and Hogan is vocal for the first time in the match, telling Garett he's doing a good job. Gunner fights up to his feet and out of the hold, but he's rolled up, then hit with an atomic drop by Garett. Garett charges Gunner in the corner, but he's launched face first into the middle turnbuckle, then hit with a clothesline to the back of the head. Gunner hits Garett with a knee to the back, before bringing him up and beating him back down to the mat for another two count.

Garett tries to fight back, but Gunner continues the assualt, beating him up and stomping away on him on the mat. Gunner tosses Garett in front of Hogan and continues to stomp away at him. Garett fights back with more rights, but he's taken back down to the mat again with a shot to the gut, then a neck vise.

Garett refuses to give up, even though Gunner is wrenching away at his neck. Garett fights to his feet, but he's driven back to the mat with an elbow to the chest. Gunner picks Garett up and hits a rope assisted slingshot suplex for another two count.

Garett continues to try and fights back, but Gunner won't allow for much offense, until Garett picks up Gunner and drops him down face first to the mat. Hogan tries to pump up his protege. Both men get up and Gunner beats on Garett in the corner, but Garett comes back with a couple of right hands, only to be laid back out with a neckbreaker.

Gunner chokes Garett in front of Eric and Eric lays in a slap. Hogan has had enough and he takes Eric out with a big right hand. Back in the ring, Gunner continues work over Garett with another neckbreaker. Hogan seems pretty concerned, telling Hebner to check Garett's neck, so Gunner picks him up, and hits him with an elbow to the back of the neck. Gunner drops a knee on the back of Garett's head, and Hogan is pretty concerned still. Gunner tries for another neckbreaker, but Garett holds on to the ropes, and Gunner falls to the mat. Hulk heads up to the apron with the towel, but Garett waves him off. Gunner hits a DDT, and lays Garett out for the three count.

Winner: Gunner

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