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Raw starts with the usual WWE signature, followed by a promo highlighting what happened last week at the end of the show between Kane and Eve. We then come live to a closeup of Kane's hideous face. He says there's nothing that he won't do to finally get John Cena to embrace the hate. Tonight, two things will happen. Cena will embrace the hate, and someone is going to take a ride in the ambulance beside him. We then go to the Raw opening video.

Michael Cole and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcome us to San Diego, California, and Cole plugs Laurinaitis's return, along with Shawn Michaels's too. Justin Roberts welcomes King in the ring. King says welcome to the first ever Elimination Chamber debate. All the participants of the Raw chamber are in the ring behind podiums. He announces each of them one by one. Miz gets the most heat, Jericho is mixed, and Punk gets the most cheers. Punk is very sarcastic here. Lawler says they have 45 seconds to respond to his questions. He asks Punk what makes him think he can walk out of the chamber with his WWE Championship. Before Punk answers, Laurinaitis comes out, flanked by David Otunga. Punk boos him, but Laurinaitis says how happy he is to be here tonight, and thanks the board of directors for not firing him, that is all.

King goes back to Punk and asks him the question a second time. Punk says he would like to say three things, the first being to the WWE Universe, and he promises that this debate will not end up in violence. The crowd boos. Punk then offers his sincere congratulations to Laurinaitis keeping his job, and that a lot of people must assume that Laurinaitis must have done something, like send nude pictures, but he knows it was just a lot of begging, as you can tell by the worn out knees in his slacks. Punk then gets to King's question, and says he'll win because he's the best wrestler in the world. Jericho scowls as King asks for Ziggler's rebuttal. Vickie tries to talk, but the crowd boos her. She says there should be no booing allowed. Ziggler says he's better at everyone here at everything, and he backs it up every single night. Then there's poeple like R-Truth who doesn't even know what state we're in right now. Truth says if he's elected, the first thing he'll do is trade Vickie and Ziggler to Smackdown for Hornswoggle and a box of spiders. Ziggler says we're not running for office, and asks how he even works here. Lawler tells Truth to continue, and Truth calls King "Your Honor." Truth then says if he's elected, he'll make it legally required to say "What?" after every line of the Pledge of Allegiance. He then goes back to the spiders, and says he'd make some spider stew. Oh man this is great. He finishes with God bless Little Jimmy and the United States. King then goes to The Miz. Miz corrects Lawler when he says he was in the main event of WrestleMania, and says he wasn't just in it, he won it. Miz then says Kofi is an afterthought, Truth is insane and Jimmy should take his spot. Punk is 0-2 in the Chamber, Ziggler's never been in an Elimination Chamber, and the only time he's ever scored is with an old woman. Vickie yells at him as Miz goes to Chris Jericho. The buzzer goes off as Miz trash talks Jericho.

Miz won't shut up as the buzzer goes off multiple times. Kofi tells him to shut up, and says he may be an afterthought, but he could be the next WWE Champion. Lawler then gives the floor to Jericho. Jericho says he's sorrounded by (big word I don't know), but they all should quiet down because he is the true best in the world at what he does. He says no one has been in more Elimination Chamber matches than him. He says his list of accomplishments outweighs his opponents combined. He calls Punk a "boy" and tells him to look at him when he's talking. Jericho says Punk's master has come to reclaim what is his. Punk asks if Jericho was talking to him, and apologizes for not listening. He makes fun of Jericho for losing Dancing with the Stars. Jericho says this whole thing is a joke, and starts ranting about how this was a waste of time. Truth says he won't be talked down to by a man named after Flipper and starts making weird noises. King then says the first match tonight will be Kofi vs Jericho. Jericho makes his way over to Punk and they have a faceoff. Punk holds up the gold, and Jericho turns right into a shot from Kingston. We go to commercial as Kingston's music plays.

Chris Jericho vs Kofi Kingston

We come back and the match between Kingston and Jericho has just started. Kingston takes control in the corner with some kicks, then hits a brutal elbow that knocks Jericho down. Kingston is on fire here as he hits a running shot to Jericho on the ropes, then some more elbows. Kingston then Clotheslines Jericho outside the ring and hits a Suicide Dive out in front of the announcers. Kofi then slams Jericho onto the table, man he's vicious tonight. Kingston hits his trademark mounted punches, but Jericho hits a Falling Powerbomb to reverse it. Oh man, I have to interrupt this match for the greatest sign I've ever seen at a wrestling show. "Fire Cole, We Want Tony Shiavone." Jericho hits a Back Suplex for a two count, then locks on a rest hold. Kingston fights back, but misses a Dropkick, and Jericho hits one to Kingston for a two count. Jericho stay sin control with some chops in the corner, but Kingston is able to hit a Springboard Crossbody for a two count. Kofi gets lifted onto the apron, and Springboards off, but gets caught, and Jericho locks in the Walls of Jericho. Kingston gets to the ropes, but Jericho thinks Kingston tapped. After arguing with the referee, he turns into Trouble in Paradise from Kingston! Kingston slowly crawls over to Jericho, and gets a two count after Jericho got his foot on the ropes. the referee tries to pull Kingston off of Jericho, and Jericho hits an eye poke, followed by a sloppy Codebreaker for the win.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Backstage, we see Shawn Michaels walking backstage, and he gets a smile on his face as he meets up with Triple H. They hug each other and the announcers tease a DX reunion. Up next, Randy Orton takes on The Big Show.

Guys, bear with me if I miss some stuff, there's a storm coming in, and my satellite may be a little spotty. If it goes off completely, I'll find a stream online.

Back from the break, the WWE Rewind, shows a clip from the Royal Rumble, where Kane attacked an injured Zack Ryder. We then go live to Cena say he's happy to see Zack on Raw tonight. Ryder's in a wheelchair and a neckbrace. He says he can't stay away from Eve tonight. Cena is still worried about Ryder being here with Kane still here. Cena tells him to stay in his locker room, and he'll bring Eve to him.

We then go to Laurinaitis's locker room, and he tells Otunga that a lot of people are happy he's back. Otunga says to look at this a different way, the board just said he would stay interim GM, but didn't make him the permanent GM. Otunga says he has an idea where Johnny would be the permanent GM of both Raw and Smackdown. Cole then plugs his new actions figure, and Lawlers looks over it in shock. We go to last Friday on Smackdown at the confrontation that set up the match between Orton and Big Show tonight. The World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan then comes out, and he'll observe this match up, but before either participant comes out, we go to a commercial.

We come back, and Bryan is sitting by Cole, not on commentary. Big Show comes out, and Cole is steadily kissing Bryan's ass now that he's where Bryan can here him. Orton comes out next to a big high-pitched pop.

Big Show vs Randy Orton

We start with Orton trying to strike Big Show, but Show just pushes him down. Orton takes control after a reversal in the corner, and hits a shot to Show's legs, but Show is able to hit a chop, sending Orton outside the ring. Show lifts him up onto the apron, but Orton drapes Show's arm over the ropes, only to get caught with a Sidewalk Slam for a two count as he gets back in the ring. Show goes for the WMD, but Orton slides out of the ring. We go to commercial.

We are back with Orton in control with a Sleeper on Show. Show goes down to one knee, but is able to flip Orton over. Show then hits a couple of Clotheslines, then a running splash, but gets caught by a picture perfect Dropkick by Orton, taking both of them down. Orton gets a two count by that, and Show throws him out of the ring with the kick out. Show follows, and slams Orton into the announce table. He rolls Show into the ring, then turns his attention to Bryan, but gets back into the ring, only to be met with a Dropkick by Orton, which drapes Show over the top rope. Orton then does his rope-hung DDT, this time from the top rope, instead of the middle one. Bryan has a big smile on his face as Orton signals for the RKO. They both botch. Orton doesn't even fall, but Show does. Once Show gets back up, Orton hits an RKO, but Bryan comes in and hits Orton up side the head with the World Heavyweight Championship. Bryan is more than two feet from Cole, so Cole criticizes him. Bryan measures up Show and hits him too. There were some faint "Daniel Bryan" chants for a second. He gloats with his title in the ring. Up next, Shawn Michaels returns, but first, another commercial break.

We come back and The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels comes out to a disappointing pop. I hate San Diegoens (is that what they're called?). Michaels says he's nervous, but earlier today, he had this guy ask him on Twitter why he always came around this time of the year (I can vouch for this, I saw it.), and you cannot have WrestleMania season without Mr. WrestleMania. He's still the Headliner, Showstopper, not the Main Event anymore, but he is, Mr. Hall of Fame. Having said that, he was sitting home last week watching this show on television, and was waiting for Triple H to accept Undertaker's challenge, but he was shocked when he didn't say that. Shawn says he had to talk to Hunter, bu then it dawned on him, that Triple H was just kidding, so he'd like to invite him out here to tell all of us that he's going to end the Streak at WrestleMania. Triple H's music plays and he comes out to a pop of about the same. Some good signs tonight. Saw one that asked where L.A. Park was, haha. They do the DX arms crossed thing, which gets a good pop. Triple H says he's glad Shawn took a break from hunting to come down here, and asks the crowd if they would like to see Shawn a lot more, and they agree. Shawn says he just wanted to be here to hear Triple H accept Undertaker's challenge. Triple H says his decision has not changed, he's still not facing 'Taker at 'Mania this year. Triple H says Undertaker won the battle this year, but he won ht war, and he knows that to win this year, he'll have to end the Undertaker, and he just can't do that. He says he's not "that guy" anymore. Shawn says that's who he is, he finishes people, he ends careers, and has no mercy. Shawn asks if since Triple H "Married that chick, he became one of them." Shawn calls him a corporate sell out, and Triple H is visibly frustrated.Triple H says he's not having this argument because Michaels just doesn't understand.

Shawn says he's a simple guy, and it's hard for him to understand Triple H's business life, but he does know that when you back down for a challenge, that makes you a coward. Shawn says he doesn't care how much money he has, a coward is still a coward. Triple H starts to get out of the ring, but then turns to Shawn and yells at him that he doesn't understand what's going on. He says he has responsibilities, and whether anyone likes it or not, all of "this" is going to be him, and it's his responsibility. He says he no longer looks at Undertaker like an opponent because of this responsibility, he looks at Undertaker as a brand, and he can't let that brand end because it's bad for business. Triple H says he's not going to be the one to end that era, and Undertaker is all that's left of "that era," especially for no reason. He says he's not going to do it to feed Shawn's ego since Shawn wants to live vicariously through him to get the things done that Shawn could do. Shawn pulls Triple H back, and says that was an awesome speech, and he's sure that works on a lot of people, but Triple H has no peace, so he wants Triple H to look him in the eye and tell him that he doesn't want to end the streak. Triple H tries to walk away, but Shawn stops him again, and this time, Triple H takes off his coat. They get nose to nose, and Triple H says no, and drops his mic. Shawn leaves now, bumping into Helmsley, and walks back up the ramp. Triple H starts to leave, but a bell tolls, and the lights go out. The titantron once again plays a video like last weeks with Undertaker in this weird room. Undertaker then pulls out a razor, and starts cutting off his "hair" in this video. Good job WWE for making it reasonable that Undertaker couldn't fight with the wig. We go to commercial.

Back from the break, Dolph Ziggler is already in the ring with Vickie Guerrero. R-Truth makes his way to the ring next for their match.

Dolph Ziggler (with Vickie Guerrero) vs R-Truth

Truth takes control early with a Leg Lariat, but gets caught in the corner, and Ziggler gets a quick two count with a roll up, then hits a nice Dropkick followed by a kip-up, then shows off a little. Ziggler locks on a headlock, and does a headstand in the middle of it. Truth finally fights out of it, and hits some right hands, but Ziggler is able to hit a Neckbreaker to take him back down. Ziggler hits and elbow, then does some crunches to show off, but Truth is able to roll him up with a Small Package for the quick win.

Winner: R-Truth

Ziggler fumes after the loss, and we go backstage to Zack Ryder. Santino comes in and shows off his biceps. Santino offers to give Ryder some love tips, and tells him his breath needs deodorant. Santino then gives him a prototype of Santino's breath mints. Ryder says it's disgusting, and Santino says it's supposed to smell like garlic. We go to commercial.

We are back and Beth Phoenix is at ringside for commentary. It is announced that Beth will defend her championship against Tamina at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Tamina and Brie Bella are both in the ring for their match. Tamina is billed as Tamina Snuka now.

Brie Bella vs Tamina Snuka

Brie takes control early on, but Tamina quickly takes her down with a chop. Brie gets back in control with some kicks. Tamina knocks Brie down, then Nikki off the apron, but the distraction allows Brie to try and Backslide her, but Tamina hits a Samoan Drop. Tamina then goes up top and hits the Superfly Splash for the win.

Winner: Tamina Snuka

Beth and Tamina stare each other down. Backstage, John Cena and Josh Matthews are talking, and after this commercial, we'll get an interview.

We come back to clips of The Rock's media appearances this past week promoting Journey 2, and WrestleMania. I bet you can guess the part they cut out of Sportscenter. Back to the show, they plug Journey 2, and then leads us to the interview with Cena by Josh Matthews. Matthews asks for his reactions to Rock, but Cena hears a scream, and walks off. We then see Kane locking Even inside the ambulance, and Cena comes and takes Kane out, and tells Eve to unlock the door, but Kane rams Cena into the Ambulance and gets in it to drive away, but Even opens the door and jumps out, into Cena's arms at the last segment. They then start making out for no reason whatsoever. The camera then pans over to see Ryder sitting in his wheelchair beside them. Very awkward, segment filled with horrible acting.

We come back and eve is trying to explain what happened to Zack, and she's about to bust out of her top if that matters to anyone. Eve says she really wants to be friends with him, and Zack angrily rolls his wheelchair away. This is horrible. The Miz is in the ring for the main event. WWE Champion CM Punk is out next, and he gets a good pop.

The Miz vs CM Punk

We start with both men locking up, and Punk trips Miz up for a one count. Punk hits a quick Suplex for a one count and Miz rolls out onto the apron. After getting back in, he's met with a Big Boot by Punk for a two count. Miz takes control in the corner and starts working over Punk's left arm with a Hammerlock, and slamming it into the turnbuckle. Miz hits a Russian Legsweep for a two count, then goes back to work on the arm. Punk fights out with elbows, but gets caught, and Miz attempts the Reality Check, but Punk reverses and hits a hard Roundhouse Kick to the head. Punk's arm is affecting him adversely as they starts throwing hands, with Miz getting the best of it because of Punk's arm. Miz gets caught with a Leg lariat, followed by a Neckbreaker by Punk. Punk then hits his running knee followed by a Bulldog, and signals for the GTS. He goes for it, but Miz reverses into a DDT for a two count. Miz hits hits Corner Clothesline, but misses a dive up top, and Punk hits him with a Powerslam and gets a two count. Punk goes up top, but Miz catches him and goes for a Superplex, but Punk fights out, and Bell Claps him down. Punk then goes up and hits a Diving Elbow Drop, and he signals for the GTS again. Miz again fights out, and goes for the Skull Crushing Finale, but Punk reverses into the Anaconda Vice, and Miz is forced to tap out.

Winner: CM Punk

Backstage, Jericho is watching with a smile on his face as Punk celebrates. We then see the ambulance pulling back up to the arena as we go to a commercial.

We come back, and Cena's music hits. He makes his way to the ring with an almost nervous, worried look on his face. Cena has a mic and says there was a bit of an awkward moment with Eve and Ryder, and he would like to apologize to Ryder, even though it probably won't help anything. He says this was Kane's plan all along, to turn everyone against him. The fans boo Cena. He says the plan would have worked if it was anybody else, but he's not anybody else. The crowd starts a "We all hate you" chant. He says he knows there's people that think he has this point where if you harass him enough, he'll snap. Cena says it's been 6 years since he became "him." He says he's comfortable in his own skin, and he'll rise above hate. He says some people may think he's soft, but those people can keep thinking that because it doesn't make a difference to him. A "fruity pebble" chant breaks out, and Cena says he'll just continue to do what he does. He'll adapt, overcome, and win. He says Kane will leave the arena in an Ambulance this Sunday. He then has a message for Dwayne about WrestleMania, but before he can get to it, Ryder wheels his way out onto the stage, and gets on his crutches to make his way down the ramp. I would have rolled down the ramp, looked like more fun. Once Zack finally gets into the ring, he walks without crutches, but in pain, and slaps the mic from Cena's hand. He then slaps Cena across the face, and Cena tries to keep his composure.

Cena takes off his shirt as Zack yells at him. They stare down each other as the crowd is actually kind of loud. Ryder tries to hit Cena, but Cena catches his arm and pushes him down to the ground. Cena tries to help, but Ryder tells him to stay away and rolls out of the ring. Ryder hobbles back up the ramp, and Kane appears on the Titantron, and says Cena is in denial, but Cena stole the one true love of his only friend. Kane says Cena has embraced the hate, but Kane feeds off hate, which means this Sunday, it will be the last time Cena competes until WrestleMania because Cena will not win. Kane says before he leaves, lets have a round of applause for John Cena. Everything goes back to normal, and Cena asks for a mic it looks like, but Kane comes out of nowhere and pushes Zack, who's back in his wheel chair off of the side of the stage. Sick ass fall, the wheel chair looked to have broke. Cena runs down there and throws up the "x" sign. Eve makes her way down too and kneels beside Ryder as we replay what just happened. Oh man, you can't fake that, that was sick, no padding or anything. That was a dangerous spot. Ryder could really be hurt. They load him up on a stretcher as we replay it one more time. Ryder looked to have landed as best as he could have, but his knees took the brunt of the blow. Cena looks on shocked as we go off air.

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