Trish Stratus spoke with Arda Ocal of The Score this week to promote her Bounty Hunters movie. In the video below, she talks about movie projects, the Divas division and more. She also spoke about Eve Torres' current storyline and Natalya's farting gimmick.

"(The Divas division) is just lacking the development we had," said Stratus. "Everyone is asking me about Natalya, and Eve, and how controversial the angles are and can you believe that in a negative way, but I look at it in a positive thing. Natalya is doing this flatulence gimmick, and there's the hoeski gimmick for Eve. To me, this is just character development. Every time there out there, the audience has a chance to connect with them, and get more invested in them as characters and performers."

You can check out her interview below:

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