Several Former TNA Employees Share Backstage Stories On Jeff Hardy

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SONJAY DUTT: Jeff was a cool dude, I remember towards the end he was no showing and that was obviously an issue. I remember I think he sent a text message that said hey is it okay if I miss the PPV? I remember a story floating around that he texted Terry Taylor and said hey is it okay if I miss the PPV? He just no showed and that was it and they had enough of it.

DAVID YOUNG: At that time I just really don't think he was into wrestling. He no showed a PPV and he sent them a text that said card subject to change I'll see you Tuesday.

CASSIDY RILEY: I just remember thinking wow that's crazy, here we are guys that are fighting like hell to keep a job and he could care less one way or another if he was there or even on this planet.

MARCUS CYGY: I heard a lot of weird stories I think his gerbil got lost or something.

BILL BEHRENS: His snake got in the house and attacked his dog or something I don't know.

DAVID YOUNG: He actually brought a picture of the snake and showed it to them.

SONJAY DUTT: He was a cool dude man but I don't know if he took things as seriously as the office would have hoped for him to.

BILL BEHRENS: He missed the plane at home because a snake ate his phone, and I had to get in touch with him and tell him Jeff that's silly you know how to reach me, we inevitably came to an agreement, Jeff and I, and it held for the remainder of his time there until inevitably he left and that was that after we had gone over the match he would vanish. The deal was when I would call and I made sure I saw him put my name and number into his phone when I would call him he promised me he would show up within five minutes and he did, it was always a little nerve-wracking because they'd be saying from the truck is he there is he there and I'd be going, he will be, I know he will be, and he always did. He'd get there and I'd go okay Jeff you're going to give me a heart attack here, but thank you for being here son and then he'd go out and do a good job.

LARRY ZBYSZKO: I know some of the people in the office were really pissed, and you should be I mean the guy's got to be professional just because you're a name because it's your responsibility to keep the business going and he's getting paid the money.

MARCUS CYGY: It was just basically a free for all for him, until he took another break and went back to WWE.

Jeff returned in August 2005 at Sacrifice but ended up having a decreased role in the company due to his unreliability. He had a midcard feud with Bobby Roode and then at the inaugural Bound For Glory he wrestled in a Monster's Ball match against Rhino, Sabu, and Abyss. He then lost a number 1 contenders match against Monty Brown at Genesis 2005, and he was relegated to a scheduled preshow 6-man tag match at Turning Point 2005. Hardy no showed Turning Point, which ended up being the straw that broke the camel's back for Hardy in TNA during his first run in the company.

BILL BEHRENS: Good news was after he had left he got his head on straight he got cleaned up and when he had cleaned up he wanted to come back but by then because of all the things we had to do to get through at the earlier times, Jeff Jarrett wasn't willing to do it at that point and that made Jeff Hardy angry. The end result was that motivated Jeff to get back to WWE and the end result was positive for Jeff. Sometimes people have to get mad to really get their act together, and when he had cleaned his act up and his friends, Jeff Jarrett and others, wouldn't bring him back that pissed him off but it also motivated him and the end result was the long successful run he had in WWE, and inevitably led to his return to TNA where he's happier and more comfortable, he's having fun and always did at TNA, he just can appreciate the fun now [April 2010] because he's not impaired.

Hardy returned to TNA in early 2010 and ran into troubles again at Victory Road 2011, but since then has gotten his life back on track and is back in the ring for TNA. is the largest independently owned wrestling website in the world (Source: Alexa). Follow us on Twitter by clicking the "Follow" button below:

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