Former WWE Head Writer Talks Meeting Vince For First Time, Almost Fighting Hayes, HHH, Stephanie

Lord knows, I was making really good money at WWE. So, there were never any complaints there. So, that never had anything to do with it.

WrestlingINC: I know Michael Hayes was on your team and a lot of guys butt heads with him. How was working with him?

Greenfield: Michael and I almost got into a fist fight one day. It was hilarious. Dusty Rhodes and Court Bauer had to pull us apart. [laughs] It was absurd. The thing is that I actually liked working with Michael 80% of the time. As much of a bad rap as he gets, it's every bit as much my fault because I'm sort of opinionated and not particularly respectful of the traditional side of things. But, we butted heads almost literally. [laughs] To be fair, just to correct you a little bit, he was on the Raw team and I was on Smackdown! so it was limited to sort of cross-over stuff and in more general discussion. We never worked directly together. He was actually my replacement when I quit.

I wouldn't say there's any heat but we can both be pretty difficult guys to work with. [laughs]

WrestlingINC: What happened the time you guys almost butted heads?

Greenfield: Dude. It's the worst story in the world because it has nothing to do with an angle or story or whatever.

Court Bauer and his wife had just had their first baby and he was just on his first or second week on the road, back with us. We got done with a Smackdown taping and the group of writers was so big that you couldn't fit everybody on to the corporate plane. Some people had to stay over night and take the commercial flight the next morning. Chris DeJoseph, who was the assistant on Raw was asked if he would be willing to stay and let Court fly back so he could get back to his family sooner and DJ said, 'Sure.' Off we flew and all of that.

I get into work the next morning and Team Raw is infuriated with me because. I guess, they had a meeting and they were just horribly pissed off that I had taken their writer's assistant off the plane in exchange for Court. This all escalates until I basically tell Michael Hayes, 'God, I can't wait until I'm f--king out of here.' I storm out of the Raw office and he follows me and starts yelling at me in the Smackdown! office. I jump up in his face and we're just jawing in each others face with Dusty and Court pulling us apart.

Of course, let's not forget that Michael Hayes would have just absolutely beaten my ass. Let's make no mistake about that but it was a huge fight about absolutely nothing. That's what most of the biggest conflicts at WWE come from. Vince loves the culture of competition and to instill that culture, he really encourages pissing contests throughout all of his minions. To me, it's really counter-productive to a working environment. But, apparently it works because the guy's a billionaire. [laughs]

WrestlingINC: It does seem like the product has been on a decline for some time and a lot of that can be blamed on how things work over there.

Greenfield: Obviously, I'm not involved in any way and I don't have the inside track on the day-to-day creative process is these days. Time and again over the last few years -- the Nexus run, C.M. Punk dropping that nuclear bomb of a promo and the immediate few weeks after that. Those really felt like they could be some revolutionary moments and I swear to God, I could feel Vince cutting the cord and taking it in a wrong direction because he gets freaked out by the feeling of change. Maybe, I don't know.

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