Thanks to reader Stevie Grieve for sending in these results from yesterday's SmackDown live event in Geneva, Switzerland:

Lilian Garcia enters the area looking absolutely stunning and thanks the Geneva crowd for coming. She says it's the first time that they have visited Geneva and hoped the crowd would have a great time.

Positives - it was a good show with lots of action, and only one Cody Rhodes talking segment to wind up the crowd for his match.

Negatives - I would've liked to have seen Ryback, Drew McIntyre and a replacement for Christian (who was injured) for the advertised triple threat championship main event.

The Great Khali vs. Jinder Mahal - Khali wins

Entrance reaction to Khali was average until he came out, which caused a bit of a stir - on TV you don't see how massive he actually is. The match was mostly Khali posturing to the crowd to get them going as Jinder laid on the floor after receiving a big punch, throw or kick. Khali won after about 5 minutes of punishing Mahal, to the crowd's satisfaction.

William Regal and Tyson Kidd vs. Hunico and Camacho - Regal and Kidd win

Regal and Hunico started the match, and Regal dominated the opening minutes, who then threw Hunico towards the ropes, who ran across the ring like 10 times with Regal resting against the ropes to the crowds amusement. Camacho stopped Hunico and the match continued. Tyson Kidd entered to a big pop and he impressed with a good variation of mat-based, high-risk submission moves. Camacho lost the match to Regal, who won with his suplex type finisher. Regal ended the match by thanking the crowd and saying that without the crowd, there would be no WWE and he left Tyson Kidd in the ring afterward to soak in some of the applause.

AJ Lee vs. Natalya - AJ wins

Hornswoggle was appointed the referee and came down to cheers from the kids in the crowd. He jumped around the ring and kissed Lilian's hand. Natalya entered first and as she entered the ring, she threw her jacket at Lilian Garcia to the crowd's disgust, and was booed for the whole match. AJ entered but nobody really made any reaction. Natalya gained the better of the opening exchanges and after Hornswoggle counted 4 pinning sequences that were all rolled through, he went for a rest in the corner. Finally Natalya had AJ in the Sharpshooter but AJ crawled to the ropes. As Natalya complained to Hornswoggle, AJ rolled her up for the win.

After the match, Natalya went around the crowd and was gesturing a lot and generally being a heel. Lilian Garcia chucked Natalya's jacket in her face as she left to go up the ramp. Crowd loved it and Lilian got a chant.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Ezekiel Jackson - Del Rio wins

Robert Rodriguez announced Alberto Del Rio to the ring and he was well received, lots of boo's, but lots of cheers from the older crowd. He looked in good condition after his injury.
Ezekiel Jackson was announced as his opponent and again, like Khali, he gained an average response but this improved as the crowd saw how big he actually is. Jackson won the opening exchanges flattening ADR in the corner with big clotheslines, but ADR countered with arm based attacks. He won with a cross arm-bar after around 3 minutes. This was more of a fitness Test for Del Rio than anything.


Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show (IC title match) - Big Show wins

Rhodes came out to cheers from girls, but boos from everyone else. He had some banter with the crowd, saying, "who sucks? I suck? I think Switzerland sucks, you don't even speak English" that got everyone booing! Big Show came out to a big pop.

Big Show went for Rhodes early on, but Rhodes kept jumping out of the ring. Big Show grabbed the mic and called him a chicken and made some chicken noises. Crowd chanted "p-ssy, p-ssy" at Rhodes. The crowd got more into it after this and they had a good match. The end saw Rhodes hitting the disaster kick, then as he went for a second, Show got up and speared him before using the KO punch to win.

Mark Henry vs. Yoshi Tatsu - Mark Henry wins

Mark Henry got a good reaction and entered the ring, having his customary stare at the fans as he entered the ring. Yoshi Tatsu's music came on and nobody cared. His music is so bad that he shouldn't be allowed near a ring until it's changed. He tried his hardest to get some kind of reaction, but got nowhere.

Henry pummeled Tatsu for the whole match, although Tatsu had him on the floor for awhile and used aerial attacks to take the advantage. I expected Henry to catch him from one, but I think Tatsu jumped too early and missed. Henry picked him up for the World's Strongest Slam and the win.

Kane vs. Randy Orton (NO DQ Match) - Randy Orton wins

Kane got the best reaction of the show as he entered, and like Khali and Big Show, you don't realize how big he is, except he is much much more athletic than he looks. Randy Orton then topped his reaction with every girl in the room screaming for him (my girlfriend included). His entrance was about two minutes and it got the crowd going.

The match was fairly even until Kane took charge. After Orton was grounded for awhile, Kane introduced a Kendo stick into the ring. Orton countered and used it on Kane's legs, to the crowd's delight. Orton attempted an early suspension DDT but Kane countered with a drop choke onto the top rope.

Kane threw 3 chairs into the ring and jabbed Orton with a few shots to the ribs, but as he went for the big shot, Orton countered and rammed the chair into Kane's ribs a few times. Kane rolled to the apron and Orton used a suspension DDT onto the chair placed below by Kane. Kane kicked out of the pin and after he regained control of the match, he went to the top rope and missed. Orton threw him off the ropes and hit the scoop slam. He then signaled for the RKO, but Kane blocks and chokeslams him. Kane goes outside and brings another chair inside, and after a kick to the gut, tries to tombstone Orton, who counters and RKO's Kane onto the chair for the win.

Daniel Bryan vs. Sheamus (World Heavyweight Championship match) - Sheamus wins

Daniel Bryan entered 1st to a crowd chanting a mixture of YES! and OUI! which was quite amusing. I think as a heel he is supposed to be booed, but he can't not be liked so he gets cheered. Sheamus got the biggest pop of the show by far, mainly by the kids - possibly the new John Cena?

The match was smooth and both men had control for periods. Sheamus used his brute force to gain control with Bryan used aerial moves, speed and counters to take control. The end came after Bryan went for a dive through the ropes, Sheamus double punched him back into the corner, and quickly entered the ring with a Brogue Kick from nowhere for the win.

Sheamus stayed out with fans for two renditions of his theme music. Lilian Garcia then thanked the fans and left.

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