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We begin with a video of Hogan's announcement from last week regarding Open Fight Night.

Hogan is backstage with all the champions. He says even the champs are going to get called out tonight. He says he's trying to decide who will defend. He addresses all of them separately and has something nice to say about each of them. He chooses Joe & Magnus and tells them to shut up or put up. He says he'll let them know later who the opponents are. Hogan welcomes us to Open Fight Night.

The intro package runs and then Devon comes to the ring.

Devon says he's going to defend his title every week. He says his opponent is the one person everybody can't stand, Bubba. Yes, he calls him Bubba. Bully is backstage among Flair and the rest of the roster and he asks, "Did he just say my name?" Bully says to shut his music off as he walks down the ramp. He says Devon stupid. He had to be in a ring with Devon for 15 years and it made him sick. He says he made and carried Devon. He tells Devon to go to hell and walks back toward the back, but Devon attacks him from behind and knocks him back to ringside.

TNA TV Championship: Devon vs. Bully Ray

Devon continues to punch Bully at ringside and uses a fan's water bottle to hit him with. He throws Bully in the ring who begs off. Bully extends his hand and says he's sorry and they're brothers. Devon grabs his hand and clotheslines him. Devon hits a Thesz Press and continues to pound on him. Devon goes up top but is cut off.


Back in the ring, Bully has taken control and Devon is on his back; Bully's face is busted open. Bully hits a bodyslam and a splash for a 2. The crowd chants for Devon. Devon counters an Irish Whip with a spear. Devon gets up like the Warrior, shaking the ropes, and no-sells Bully's punches as they trade blows back and forth. Devon charges into the corner but is stopped with a big boot and a clothesline, Bully gets a very close near-fall. Bully goes for a Bully Bomb but Devon breaks out and Bully hits a Diamond Cutter (RKO). Devon kicks out. Bully charges from the corner but Devon catches him with a spinebuster for the pin.

Winner by pin and STILL TNA TV Champion: Devon

Austin Aries is backstage speaking on Bully pulling his tights to win last week. He says maybe he'll get his hands on Bully tonight and leave an impression.

Flair is asked about his Bischoff party. He says he's been partying for 63 years. He says he hasn't slept since he was 20. He puts Bischoff over as the greatest promoter in history and says he made Impact what it is today, "WHOOO!"


Daniels & Kazarian approach Kurt Angle in his locker room. They ask him how good it was to see AJ squirm last week. Angle says he doesn't need their help and if they ever get involved with him again they will regret it. He walks away as Daniels calls him an ungrateful #$%. Angle hears him and asks what he said; Daniels pretends to be on the phone and tells the supposed person to watch his mouth.

Jeremy Borash enters the ring. He thanks Hogan for Open Fight Night because it allows for airing grievances. He wants to call out an employee who has been there a while, but he says he (Borash) has been there longer than anybody. He calls Eric Bischoff a big prick. They cut to the back where the roster is and Velvet Sky looks genuinely surprised. He says instead of getting liquored-up and ranting on Facebook, he wants to look Bischoff in the face and extend his fist down his throat.

Bischoff comes to the ring, applauding. The crowd sings, "Na na na na goodbye." Bishchoff pulls his phone out to take a picture and Borash tells him to install a breathalyzer on it. (Ouch!) Bischoff tells him to enjoy his 15 minutes of fame. Bully comes down and hits a low-blow on Borash from behind. Bischoff continues…Bully takes a picture of Bischoff standing over Borash and Bischoff says he's going to post it on his Twitter. Bischoff calls for a ref, Bischoff hooks Borash's leg and the ref counts to 3. Bischoff slaps Borash on the back of the head repeatedly to add insult to insult. Bully raises Bischoff's hand in victory and then Bischoff does a karate pose as Bully continues to take pics.


Mr. Anderson is backstage talking about his respect for Bischoff, in the business, but calls him a douchebag and that he needs to go "ba- bye."

Mexican America is in the ring with Sarita and Rosita. Anarquia complains about not being included in the tag team title picture. He says no one can beat them, not even one man (that doesn't make sense). Angle is shown walking from the back. He gets in the ring and Anarquia says Hernandez will fight him.

Kurt Angle vs. Anarquia

Anarquia attacks Angle from behind and Hernandez leaves the ring. Anarquia hits some moves but Angle quickly gets the upper hand and hits a German Suplex followed by an Angle Slam, and pulls the straps down. Angle applies the Angle Lock and Anarquia quickly taps.

Winner by submission: Kurt Angle

They show a video of independent wrestler Alex Silva who will be in tonight's Gut Check for a chance at a contract. Al Snow puts over his talent and passion. Silva is from OVW and became their youngest TV Champ in history on his first night.

Al Snow comes to the ring with Silva.


Snow says he is the lead judge for Gut Check. He tells any young talent who are watching to go to impactwrestling.com to sign up. Silva's opponent is Robbie E.

Robbie E. w/ Robbie T. vs. Alex Silva

Snow joins commentary. Robbie E. slaps Silva who slaps him back and unloads with punches and a clothesline. Robbie quickly hits his own clothesline and chokes Silva out with his boot in the corner. Robbie continues his domination. Robbie misses a splash from up top and Silva takes back over and almost gets a pin. Robbie hits a DDT for the pin.

Winner by pin: Robbie E.

Snow encourages fans to go on Twitter and give their opinion on Silva.
Hogan is at his desk, Taz says he is deciding who is going to get a shot at the tag titles. Hogan looks at his phone.


Hogan welcomes all the eligible teams to his office. He asks Daniels & Kazarian why they deserve a shot. Daniels says The Machine Guns lost last week, out of ODB & Eric Young: one is a man and one has a bad beard (LOL), he berates Hardy and Anderson and says he and Kazarian are only choice. Machine Guns put themselves over and say they want it more.

Hogan says they're right. He says Hardy and Anderson need to get along. Anderson says they can get along and kisses Hardy on the cheek and says he loves him (LOL again). Hogan says he's being serious. He asks ODB and EY if they're ready after their honeymoon. EY says they are and ODB will be with Hogan for a night if he chooses them. Hogan says he can't afford her. He eliminates The Machine Guns because of their loss at Lockdown and Sabin's knee.

Brooke Tessmacher comes to the ring and grabs a mic. She has on an Impact t-shirt. She wants to prove her win over Gail Kim was not a fluke. She calls her out. Gail comes to the ring.

Gail Kim vs. Brooke Tessmacher

Tessmacher removes her shirt, revealing her ring gear. Gail does stretches in the ring as Brooke charges her but is restrained by Hebner. Gail attacks Brooke from behind with a forearm shot. Gail bulldogs her and pins her before pulling Brooke off the mat by her hair. Gail hits an elbow in the corner and does some ground-and-pound. Gail drops her with a front slam and gloats to the fans. Brooke fights back with a couple of clotheslines and a dropkick.

Gail drives her throat in the ropes then chokes her out with her boot. Gail grabs the title and shoves it in her face and says she's not in her league. Gail charges in with a shoulder block and goes up top but Brooke avoids the missile dropkick. Brooke hits a front suplex and gets the win.

Winner by pin: Brooke Tessmacher


Daniels & Kazarian are backstage and are confident Hogan will choose them. They tell AJ he better show up next week or they will "let the cat out of the bag."

We get a video of Hogan congratulating RVD after his win last week. RVD says he's back and he won't let anything get in his way of the title. Roode says he's ready for RVD.

Snow is in the locker room with Alex Silva. He will reveal if Silva gets a contract next week. Roode interrupts. He says it took him a long time to get a contract. He wishes him luck and punches him in the stomach.

Hogan says Eric Young made his decision easy. He is looking at a picture or something on his phone and says they are out. He tells the remaining teams to head to the ring.


Garett is backstage talking about his dad. He says Eric did this to himself. He says the show will be better without him.

Bully is on the phone as Joe Park approaches. Bully thinks he wants an autograph. Park wants some answers, Bull has none, nor would he talk if he did. Park gives him his card and Bully tells him to "shove it," and leaves. Park chuckles.

Joe & Magnus make their way to the ring. The remaining teams make their entrances. Hogan comes on the ramp and says it's wild backstage. He says as good as Kazarian & Daniels are, since they are the cohesive unit, he is eliminating them.

TNA Tag Team Championship: Joe & Magnus vs. Hardy & Anderson

Joe and Anderson start off with Joe hitting repeated punches. Anderson answers with his own tirade. Joe tags Magnus and Anderson makes a stiff tag to Hardy. Magnus bumps around for Hardy. Anderson and Hardy have some communication issues as Anderson yells at him.


Hardy hits a front dropkick on Magnus and Magnus rolls out, Hardy follows and is clotheslined by Joe. Back in the ring, Joe & Magnus double team Hardy, as Anderson just allows it. Hardy manages a Whisper in the Wind on Joe. Both men struggle to get up. Both men tag out. Joe and Hardy are in the ring as Hardy hits a Twist of Fate. Magnus and Anderson brawl on the outside. Hardy tackles Magnus from off the apron. Anderson enters the ring; Joe applies a rear naked choke as Magnus prevents Hardy from breaking it. Anderson taps.

Winners by submission and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Joe & Magnus

Daniels & Kazarian come out and attack Joe & Magnus on the ramp.


Flair, Bully, Daniels & Kazarian, and Gunner come to the ring. Flair says it's not time to mourn but to celebrate. He says nobody knows how to do that better than him. He says, "Google me, that's my wife's favorite line." He puts over Bischoff as the crowd loudly interrupts with the "Na na" chants. Flair says he doesn't like wrestling fans because they are rude. He introduces Bischoff.

Bischoff takes a seat on a throne. Flair apologizes for the fans. He says Dixie should be on her knees thanking Bischoff. The crowd won't stop. There is large picture of Bischoff in the ring on an easel and Flair asks if there is a woman in the audience that wants to sleep with it. Flair thanks Bischoff and says "God bless."

Gunner says Bischoff has been like a father figure and he thanks him. Flair hands Bischoff a green box with a Rolex inside. Bully says Bischoff is "the wind beneath his wings." They embrace.

Garett's music hits and he comes on the ramp with Borash, RVD, The Guns, and Aries. He says Borash had a good idea. They want to give him a farewell gift. Borash says they want to give him something symbolic of who he is: they induct him into the TNA Shed of Shame. They unveil a yellow port-a-potty. Bischoff's cronies attack the "faces" on the ramp. Garett puts his dad in a headlock and drags him into the potty. He chains it locked and the crowd cheers. Borash and Garett turn it over. Taz and Tenay sell the "smell," as do Borash and Garett. They unlock the door and Bischoff emerges with brown slime all over him. Bischoff screams that he is a son of a bi**ch.

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