TNA Impact Results: Open Fight Night, Bischoff Gets 'Crappy' Farewell, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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Winners by submission and STILL TNA Tag Team Champions: Joe & Magnus

Daniels & Kazarian come out and attack Joe & Magnus on the ramp.


Flair, Bully, Daniels & Kazarian, and Gunner come to the ring. Flair says it's not time to mourn but to celebrate. He says nobody knows how to do that better than him. He says, "Google me, that's my wife's favorite line." He puts over Bischoff as the crowd loudly interrupts with the "Na na" chants. Flair says he doesn't like wrestling fans because they are rude. He introduces Bischoff.

Bischoff takes a seat on a throne. Flair apologizes for the fans. He says Dixie should be on her knees thanking Bischoff. The crowd won't stop. There is large picture of Bischoff in the ring on an easel and Flair asks if there is a woman in the audience that wants to sleep with it. Flair thanks Bischoff and says "God bless."

Gunner says Bischoff has been like a father figure and he thanks him. Flair hands Bischoff a green box with a Rolex inside. Bully says Bischoff is "the wind beneath his wings." They embrace.

Garett's music hits and he comes on the ramp with Borash, RVD, The Guns, and Aries. He says Borash had a good idea. They want to give him a farewell gift. Borash says they want to give him something symbolic of who he is: they induct him into the TNA Shed of Shame. They unveil a yellow port-a-potty. Bischoff's cronies attack the "faces" on the ramp. Garett puts his dad in a headlock and drags him into the potty. He chains it locked and the crowd cheers. Borash and Garett turn it over. Taz and Tenay sell the "smell," as do Borash and Garett. They unlock the door and Bischoff emerges with brown slime all over him. Bischoff screams that he is a son of a bi**ch.

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