Welcome to the May 3, 2012 edition of the WrestlingInc.com WWE Superstars Recap. Opening video package runs and Scott Stanford welcomes us with Matt Striker on commentary.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Mason Ryan

The bell sounds and Ziggler attacks but Ryan is too powerful and throws him out of the ring. Ryan brings him back in and throws him around. Ziggler gets in some punches but is quickly knocked back down. Ziggler takes our Ryan's knee and hits a nice dropkick. Ziggler hits some quick shots and puts Ryan in a reverse choke. Ryan works his way up and they go back and forth. Ziggler manages to get him back down and adds a headstand to his reverse choke. Ryan works his way up and throws Ziggler off of him to release the hold; Ziggler gets some hang time and hits the mat face-first. Ryan hits some offense and charges at Ziggler in the corner but Ziggler moves out of the way. Ryan's shoulder hits the post; Ziggler hits a Zig Zag and gets the pin.

Winner by pin: Dolph Ziggler

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Zack Ryder vs. Michael McGillicutty

McGillicutty overpowers him early as they lock up. They go back and forth. McGillicutty takes out his knee and goes to work. Ryder hits a fall-away face plant and clotheslines him over the top rope. He flies up and over the top and splashes McGillicutty on the outside. They take it back in and McGillicutty hits a neckbreaker.


McGillicutty has a choke applied. Ryder gets out and McGillicutty hits a dropkick and gets a 2. Ryder comes off the top and hits a dropkick. Ryder hits a flurry of offense and a flying punch in the corner. He hits the Broski Boot in the corner but only gets 2. McGillicutty avoids a Rough Ryder and drives him face first on the top turnbuckle. Ryder hits the Rough Ryder and gets the win.

Winner by pin: Zack Ryder


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The Great Khali vs. Jinder Mahal

They lock up and Khali throws Mahal back. Khali hits a couple of big chops in the corners and clothesline Mahal out of the ring. Mahal drives Khali's neck across the top rope and takes control. Mahal drives his knee across Khali's neck and drop a leg on him. Mahal works the left knee. The crowd chants for Khali. Mahal goes up top for a double axe-handle but Khali catches him with a choke slam attempt. Mahal kicks the knee to avoid it. Khali hits a big boot and a couple of clotheslines. Khali hits a double-handed chokeslam and gets a win.

Winner by pin: Khali

Khali dances in the ring.

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