Recently, Jerry Lawler was interviewed by The Score's Arda Ocal and discussed a number of topics. One of the topics shifted towards his relationships with Jim Ross and his new commentary partner Michael Cole. When comparing the two, Lawler was quick to point out the best and worst aspects of the partnerships.

"There was just a certain chemistry [Ross and I had] that just worked," Lawler said. "There's no real way to explain why or how and why certain pairings don't work. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy working with Michael Cole, he's easy to work with. He and I have two different styles.

"When I say easy to work with -- he and I don't have much interaction during the day on Mondays, the day of Raw. I think Michael gets there early, goes into a production meeting. I get there late and I don't usually see Michael until we're going to actually be on the show. I like it that way. To me, that's called easy to work with," Lawler explained.

"We just go out and do the show. When you're doing a live TV show, nothing can go wrong. [Laughs.] Whatever happens, happens. So, we just basically go out there winging it."

In regards to working with Jim Ross, one can easily assume that he believes it was the better duo. However, he did mention that the preparation wasn't desirable.

"With J.R. -- and this is the great thing about J.R. -- there's nobody in this business that has ever been any better prepared than J.R. He's a student of this industry. He would know just the most obscure facts and trivia. I guarantee you that J.R. could tell you Willie Nelson's middle name. He would know all the stuff about wrestling and he's just well prepared," stated Lawler.

"But, he wanted me to be as well prepared as him. He liked to have meetings for us to compare notes and make notes on different things in different matches. And go to production meetings and meet with Vince McMahon or Stephanie McMahon before the show. I just though, 'Oh, gosh.'

"So, in that respect, I love J.R. But, right now, it's easy for me to be with Cole because I don't really have to work with him in that respect," Lawler opined.

To check out the interview, watch the video below.

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