TNA Sacrifice Results: New Champs Crowned, Roode Vs. RVD... Sound Off With Your Thoughts

Winners and New TNA Tag Team Champions: Daniels and Kazarian

- We go Tenay and Taz, who want the fans to get involved on Facebook and Twitter tonight. Tenay claims that the Sacrifice hashtag is already trending worldwide on Twitter.

- We get a video for tonight's Knockouts Title match.

TNA Knockouts Title Match: Brooke Tessmacher vs. Gail Kim

Out first comes Brooke Tessmacher for the next match. The TNA Knockouts Champion Gail Kim is out next.

Gail attacks before the bell rings. They go at it and Tessmacher hits some high impact moves early on. Tessmacher tries to do Eat Defeat and Gail blocks it. Tessmacher with another dropkick and a second rope clothesline out of the corner. Tessmacher goes for Eat Defeat for a third time but Gail blocks it. Gail turns it around and takes control on the apron now.

Gail works over Tessmacher and hits a big backbreaker, turning it into a submission. Tessmacher breaks the hold and Gail drops her with a big clothesline. Tessmacher turns it around in the corner with a big boot and then clotheslines. Tessmacher slams Gail hard with a face plant. Tessmacher hits an elbow from up top but Gail kicks out at 2. She finally hits Eat Defeat but Gail goes to the floor. Tessmacher brings her back in for 2. Gail rolls Tessmacher up and uses the ropes for leverage to get the win.

Winner: Gail Kim

- Jeremy Borash is backstage with new Tag Team Champions Kazarian and Daniels. They talk about how AJ Styles became the face of TNA by "whistling Dixie" but they got to the top by doing what we just saw. Daniels says AJ's nightmare is just beginning and the rest of the world now has permission to worship them.

TNA Television Title Match: Robbie E vs. Robbie T vs. Devon

We go to the ring and out comes Robbie E and Robbie T together. The TNA Television Champion Devon is out next. Devon strikes E first and dodges T. They get him in the corner and go for the double team but Devon blocks it. Devon knocks T out of the ring and goes to work on E.

Devon takes it to E until T pulls him out to the floor. Devon gets worked over and brought back in as there's some tension between E and T. T goes back to work on Devon but E pushes him off and says he's got this. They double team Devon in the corner again. T drops Devon and E covers him for the 2 count. More double teaming and another pin attempt by Robbie E. Devon makes a comeback and hits offense on E until he knocks him out of the ring. Robbie T attacks Devon from behind and hits a big running powerslam. T covers but E pulls the referee away and breaks the count. Robbie E and Robbie T have some words now. T gets mad and backs E into the corner. Devon splashes them both from behind and rolls Robbie T up for the win.

Winner: Devon

- After the match, Robbie E yells at Devon as he heads up the ramp with the TV Title. E backs into Robbie T in the ring. E turns around to a pissed off T. Robbie E jumps on T and starts hugging him. T falls for it and gives E a noogie. They're back friends again.

- We get a promo for tonight's match between Jeff Hardy and Mr. Anderson.

Jeff Hardy vs. Mr. Anderson

We go to the ring and Mr. Anderson is out first. He drops the mic and introduces himself. Jeff Hardy is out next to a decent reaction from the Impact Zone. They lock up and trade holds.

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