TNA Impact Results With Video: Qualifiers For World Title Shot, Sound Off With Your Thoughts

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OFN Qualifier #2 - Wild Card Battle Royal:
Aries, Styles, Gunner, Robbie T., Robbie E., Magnus, Garett, D-Von, Crimson, ODB, Young

Eric Young, ODB, and Crimson all get eliminated early due to momentum from a double clothesline from the newlyweds. Aries dropkicks Magnus out. Madison Rayne is googley-eyed on the stage, watching the match. Robbie E. eliminates Robbie T. then D-Von throws Robbie E. out.


AJ sends Gunner into Aries' boot. D-Von unloads on Garett. Garett pulls the top rope down and D-Von goes flying out. AJ hits a beautiful kick to Garett's head and AJ throws him out. AJ and Aries go toe-to-toe while Gunner rests in the corner. Gunner picks his spot and throws Aries out followed by AJ Samoan Dropping Gunner out.

Winner: AJ Styles

Taz says that was the best battle royal he's ever seen.

-more from AJ next


-Recap of the "AJ's secret" situation

AJ is still in the ring. The crowd chants "AJ Styles." AJ wants Roode. He starts to address the Dixie Carter pictures. He says things are not always as they seem. Kazarian and Daniels' music hits and they come down the aisle and to the ring. They want to know the truth about the pictures. AJ says he is telling the truth.

Daniels says he has video. They show an iPad with a video of Dixie and AJ walking up some stairs and into a hotel room. AJ shoves Daniels and tell him to shut up and he leaves the ring, upset.

-Highlights from Angle vs. Joe from Genesis 2006

Joe approaches Angle backstage and says it's a shame he has to go through him to get his title. Angle tells him it's all about who strikes first and slaps him. They go at it as the locker room pulls them apart.

Mr. Anderson talks about his controversial match with Hardy at the PPV. He is going to give Hardy another shot and beat him again.


-Slammiversary 2005 Highlights

OFN Qualifier #3:
Mr. Anderson vs. Jeff Hardy

Hardy corners Anderson in the corner with shoulders and kicks to the gut. He hits a butt-breaker and his low-blow dropkick along with a front dropkick. Anderson catches Hardy's legs in the ropes and takes control. He stomps Hardy and drops an elbow. Hardy works up from a headlock; Anderson sends him into the corner hard and gets 2. Hardy springboard dropkicks into the ring and gets 2. Anderson hits a neckbreaker and gets a 2.

Hardy ducks a roundhouse and takes out Anderson's knee. Both men slowly get up and trade blows. Hardy hits some offense and gets a near fall. Hardy executes a Russian leg sweep; Anderson counters another low-blow dropkick and gets 2. Hardy hits the Whisper in the Wind for a 2. Hardy takes off his shirt and goes for a Twist of Fate but Anderson twists out. Anderson rolls through with a slam but Hardy manages to pin his shoulders.

Winner by pin: Jeff Hardy


-Lockdown 2008 highlight

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