Here are some Twitter reactions from WWE Superstars after last night's Over the Limit pay-per-view:

Jim Ross: "Nice Macho Man elbow off top by @CMPunk. F'N @wwedanielbryan is badass. Helluva WRESTLING match in progress."

David Otunga: "I couldn't be more proud of John Laurinaitis defeating @JohnCena at @WWE #OverTheLimit People Power is real and I never doubted it."

Ricardo Rodriguez: "Who cares if Big Show came back?! Alberto Del Rio got ROBBED!"

Kofi Kingston: "They might be crappy people but Swagger and ziggler are damn good competitors. Hats off. @RonKillings and @TrueKofi still tag champs! #BOOM!"

"Sooooo..... Big show helped the man who made him drop to his knees and cry in front of the entire world??? I don't get it..."

Curt Hawkins: "So proud of my boss @GMSmackDown ...What an inspirational, hard fought victory tonight. #PeoplePower"

Chris Jericho: "Amazing Fatal FourWay match and crowd tonight in Raleigh! That's what this biz is all about kids... #overthelimit"

Eve Torres: "I am ECSTATIC for Johnny's win tonight!!! I knew he could do it! He had the odds stacked against him & still persevered. #PeoplePower"

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