Diamond Dallas Page Talks To Us About RAW Return, Conversation With CM Punk, DDP Yoga, More

"Then Tensai comes up to me and he's like, 'Dude, I've been tweeting. You going to get back to me? I need a program.' Guys start dropping by and they see where my body is at. A lot of the guys see what my body looks like when walk, when I move around. They're like, 'f--k. He's 56? He's doing something right.'

"Then I get into it with eating. So much of how your body feels has to do with what you put in your mouth. Nobody ever really believes it until they do it. When I show some of them, they say, 'Oh, my God.' The worst thing you can be is injured. You get that hot angle and all of a sudden, you're hurt. When Randy Savage was dropping those elbows on me, I pissed blood 13 out of 16 weeks. My ribs were f--ked up and so was my kidney. But you didn't think I would quit then, did ya? [Laughs.] I was doing the impossible, I'm going to work through it. When it comes down to your knees, or your back or your hips -- it's a different animal, you know."

After the reaction he received, if he got the bug to go back: "No. [Laughs.] Not at all... There's only one thing that would make DDP come back and that would be to work with [Randy] Orton and that will never happen. That's the only thing I would do something with because it makes sense. That's something we could really get a ride out of. In the end, who would come out on top? That's a no-brainer. [Laughs.] But what we could do in the middle with how we got there would be really interesting. I'd have to really be putting my ass on the line because I'd be going out there and I'm not 46 anymore. I'm f--king 56 and I know it. The reason I feel as good as I do is because I just do a Diamond Cutter here or there. [Laughs.]

"And I live the gimmick. I don't tell people to do s--t I'm not doing. I won't even tell people to do something until I've done it and I believe in it. That goes with food and everything; workouts, ice bags. I was sitting in the back and [Dolph] Ziggler had a baggy of ice because that's what they do -- they take a baggy and then take plastic and wrap it around you. I go, 'Zigg, can I give you an idea?' He said, 'Sure.' I said, 'Have you ever seen a blue ice bag? You use it for like a hot water bottle. You don't need to have it leak or dripping down all over you. You put it on your back, your leg.' He's like, 'Thanks, I'll check that out. You're the best.' [Laughs.] You know I was the first guy ever to ice his body in professional wrestling?"

If he would be interested doing more one-off matches: "No, no. I mean, it would depend. It'd have to be him and I'd have to see how I felt after that. But I dreamed of doing that as soon as WCW went away. As we all know, mine wasn't the greatest run. When you hear all those people chant like crazy -- imagine if it was 10 years ago and I came in like that. It would have just blown up."

If he spoke with CM Punk, who said DDP Yoga wasn't real yoga: "Actually, I saw him. I go, 'Dude, thanks so much for mentioning DDP Yoga in the thing.' And he goes, 'It's all part of it, yo.' I love that fact that he said it's not real yoga. That was the best part. Because I always say it's not yoga! Different animal. I just put yoga in it because I have some yoga moves in it and I wrote a book called Yoga For Regular Guys. So I was stuck to yoga no matter what. So, I used the best parts of that.

"Me and Punk, we were actually talking about food because he eats really, really good now. That helps so much with inflammation. He's really smart about that now and he and Chris are the same way. They're eating smarter. The drug test thing is a shoot. They test for everything. They're a G-rated company now and you've got to find other ways.

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