Former WWE Writer Talks Heat With Stephanie McMahon, WWE's Future Under Triple H, More

So, everyone came back wondering what happened. I was like, "She doesn't want me talking about any of that wrestling stuff." They're like, "Really? What do you do now?" I said, "I'm just going to not say it in front of her!" [Laughs.] She's a very quirky person and I think there some deep-rooted drama that goes back to our backgrounds and I think there was some conflict based on that.

WrestlingINC: Do you think that came from her or someone else and...

Bauer: No. That was her. I got along great with Hunter. Vince (and I) only once had a disagreement. It's not that I was a "yes-man" it's just that I could read him and tell him what he wanted to hear without compromising my concept.

WrestlingINC: What was the disagreement over?

Bauer: I think it was a house show or something and I think we were in a predominately-Latino market or a Tennessee-type market and they had New York City-level prices for ringside seats but they were all scattered. So you had Madison Square Garden-level prices for general admission seats in a market that wasn't going to pay that price because who would out of big, top-five markets. On top of that, all the radio was for the wrong demographic. You had Rey Mysterio on the card. I think it was in Texas in a border town. You had Rey Mysterio and maybe Eddie Guerrero on the show. Instead of promoting it on bi-lingual and Latino stations and networks, they instead were putting it on smooth Jazz or whatever it was. I think it was classic Rock and smooth Jazz or something that made no sense.

I said, "Wouldn't it be better to reconfigure these prices in the market and target the talent that has huge followings according to Nielsen and according to the arenas." It seems like this was a slight adjustment that could make a little bit of a difference. He just disagreed. Some days -- Vince is just the kind of guy that you can't just tell him something. You got to pick your battles and when you're going to fight him and that wasn't that day. Ultimately, we agreed to disagree on that day but it wasn't like it was World War III or anything. It was a pretty logical argument.

I always had very positive experiences working with Vince and to this day, once in a while, we shoot e-mails back and forth that are non-wrestling related. Just to put it out there; I'm not looking to get back into wrestling. I'm not putting Vince over because...

WrestlingINC: Right. You wouldn't be talking about Stephanie...

Bauer: Yeah. That's probably a good point, too. [Laughs.]

WrestlingINC: Now, Vince is obviously very ticked off that Lesnar appeared in UFC in May. Triple H really seems like he went up to bat to make sure nothing crazy happened. What do you make of Triple H wanting to make sure that Lesnar is around? I think a lot of people see it as Triple H really wants to beat Lesnar at SummerSlam. Is that kind of how you see it or do you see it as a legitimate business move?

Bauer: No. Hunter is trying to preserve a deal that is worth upwards of $5 million that was crafted and designed to push WWE forward after The Rock departed at WrestleMania. At the same time, it's to keep a level of interest and keep the ratings above a certain level, to be able to keep the product relevant, keep it fresh. With Hunter -- this isn't the guy that he was four or five years ago, racking up titles and doing this and that.

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