Former WWE Writer Talks Heat With Stephanie McMahon, WWE's Future Under Triple H, More

So, Hunter's trying to keep that ship sailing along and keep things from getting catastrophically bad. [Laughs.] Meanwhile he's also the guy that married Stephanie McMahon. No matter what happens, no matter the successes he's earned inside the ring or outside the ring, he will always be looked at as the guy that married the boss' daughter. That's a very hard thing to live with. That's a very hard thing to live with. On top of that, he's trying to keep the ship afloat, but he has to do it in a tactful, diplomatic way because his father-in-law is the boss. So, there's another layer to this that's very hard. I mean, just dealing with in-laws can be tough. Just ask any married guy. It can be tough. And by the way, his father-in-law is Vince McMahon. [Laughs.]

He's also still a guy that was a champion, main event wrestler for a good bulk of his career and he's now in the twilight of his career. That, for guys, is hard enough. Just ask Ric Flair how he's coping. So, that's not easy. He's got that aspect of it. With all these things in the mix, it's got to be very, very hard to be Paul Levesque. Incredibly hard. I can't compare it to anyone in the business. By the way, he's got to fill Vince's shoes when it's all said and done. That's a very hard position to be in.

WrestlingINC: I definitely agree with that. Where a lot of fans get skeptical with Triple H is just with guys he's worked with, the guys that he's really put over. I can only think of one feud in the last decade with a wrestler that has come out of a feud with Triple H a bigger star then when he went in. That would be Batista. Batista's the only one I can think of.

Bauer: Sheamus. He put Sheamus on the map. I think Sheamus was his hottest when he was dealing with Triple H and how all of that was put together. I'll name another for you: Eugene, who a lot of people disagreed with being one of your top stars because of the character being mentally handicapped, a mental midget. Again, this is just how people were talking backstage and I wasn't with the company. But, a lot of the boys who I was very familiar with and friends with, they'd say to me, 'We're all laying down for this guy and then he lets a retard beat him.' Their words, not mine. And not just once.

There's been guys that, I think, he's definitely helped. I think that Randy Orton, while not the sterling gold example of how you make a star, he helped Randy Orton considerably. I don't think if you put Randy Orton with other people, out of the gates, it would have been as successful or he would have gotten that rub.

I think he did a lot to help Ric Flair at a time when Ric Flair's career was in its twilight physically and it was very difficult for him to be the Ric Flair that we held him to, in terms of standards. He kept him in kind of a realistic way capable of contributing. That's not exactly making new talent but you're managing talent.

If you look at CM Punk, it's not like that guy was in a situation where everything went glowingly, too. They did a great build for Money In The Bank, but what happened at SummerSlam in 2011? The whole thing with John Cena. I don't think that worked for anyone.

You have to be committed. There was a time in WWE's run where they were committed, they had a gameplan and it was 18-24 months of whatever and by that time, you had 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin taking off. Or you had Hulkamania running wild. Or you had Bret Hart slowly winning over the fans with his hard work. Or Shawn Michaels. But, they don't do that anymore. You have a very fast and furious, 90 day window of good grace and you had to succeed in that window. And that's probably not even -- two weeks! Not even.

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