Former WWE Writer Talks Heat With Stephanie McMahon, WWE's Future Under Triple H, More

It's been very difficult for guys like Kofi Kingston. It's been very difficult for guys like Evan Bourne to break out. It's hard for guys like Rey Mysterio. Rey's a guy that I was there when he was champion. It was a very, very hard run as champion because he was beaten every night and he was supposed to be the champion.

So, it's not just Triple H. It's more of an indictment of the overall operation and how they strategically place the talent to thrive and get over as babyfaces and heels. And they don't really do a great job of it. They haven't since they really had to. [Laughs.]

WrestlingINC: Yeah. I do think it's strange to hire all these Hollywood writers and then not follow the Hollywood route where you build things for 6 months or a year. Vince doesn't follow that model, even though he wants that atmosphere, where you look at your storylines well in advance. That's one of many things that's been hurting the product for a while.

Bauer: They haven't had to do that and it's a problem. We don't know what's going to happen on the flip-side when Vince -- when whatever happens to Vince happens to Vince. [Laughs.] We don't know if it'll be better or not.

WrestlingINC: What are your thoughts on the future under Hunter? Do you think it will be in a sense better without the crazy ideas of Vince and mood changes or are you a little concerned?

Bauer: I think it will be a more stable product then it is in the golden years of Vince that are not so golden right now. Vince is and will be the greatest promoter in the history of the business. Hopefully, there is a great future and someone rivals that but right now, he is that guy. The Hunter from 1998 is a radically different guy than the guy in 2012. Like everyone when they're younger, they're more of a more out-of-the-box thinker, more of a radical thinker. As he's now in his 40's, he's much more heavily conservative.

He's heavily influenced by St. Louis wrestling, Harley Race and Ric Flair, obviously. And that style of St. Louis is very, very, very "blah". If you've ever seen St. Louis wrestling -- you know, people love talking about it but watch it. It's not a cake walk, man. So, I think that's something you'll see. A very consistent product, but a very uneventful product. I think you'll see a product that's very much, you know, five numbers. You'll never see something like Kurt Angle talking about bestiality sex or some weird story involving Katie Vick or something crazy like that. But you're probably also not going to see something as dynamic as The Mega-Powers exploding or the twin Hebner refs which at the time when Pat Patterson -- who has been Vince's right-hand man and booker throughout the greatest eras since the late-'70's, early-'80's. Pat is one of the best bookers. Pat and Gary Hart, to me, are like, lights out. I don't think Hunter's that guy. Maybe he can find his strength in certain ways but I don't see it right now.

Vince is a guy that does 200 things and you need 200 guys to replace him. And I think he's at an age where he probably should start doing that and looking for those guys because he needs help. Vince is the Walt Disney to this particular genre of entertainment. Hunter's not going to be that and it's up to Hunter to surround himself with the best people which Vince also did. When years were great, he surrounded himself with great people. When years were not so good for wrestling or WWE operations, you saw people around that were like comfort food. They made him feel better about himself but they really weren't f--king doing much for the prosperity of his company and that's kind of where they are now. They have been for a long time.

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