Former Ring of Honor World Champion Davey Richards recently conducted a sit down shoot interview with HighSpots and discussed his upbringing, his career, several of his opponents, his time with Ring of Honor, his impending retirement and more. Davey spoke openly about Jim Cornette, Kevin Steen, Eddie Edwards and Ring of Honor as a whole. You can buy the full interview on DVD from HighSpots. Here are some highlights:

On Kevin Steen: "He's not an athlete. He told me in the ring in Richmond how he was going to expose me and I told him backstage to choose his words very wisely because expose isn't a word someone like him should be throwing around. Wrestlers are meant to be in the best shape and be the best athletes. I like Kevin, I understand his story and his journey but the bottom line is that it's not my job to dumb down my abilities to make him able to compete.

"I'm very adamant that you can do whatever you want but the ROH World Title is meant for athletes. This shock rock thing of spitting on people, kissing people and bleeding everywhere is all great but I have no interest in it and it'll be a flash in the pan. Kevin Steen is in with the office with blogs and emails but I'm too busy training. I was so proud of Adam and Kyle after the main event in New York and we go from those two busting their asses to Toronto, Canada. The person I was in the ring with that night told me at one point to just end the match because he couldn't do it anymore. I had to coach him through that match because he was so dead. It's bullsh*t and It'll be seen as bullsh*t. Desperate times call for desperate measures."

On Jim Cornette: "I like Jim but honestly, but he's outdated. It's simply an outdated procedure what he does. I get in the ring and out-wrestle my opponent but I had to dumb that down for Kevin to keep up. It was a lose-lose situation for me."

On Eddie Edwards: "I saw him have a tryout with Austin Aries and Jack Evans and I thought he looked awesome. The booker at the time Adam Pearce asked me what I wanted to do in the next year and who I wanted to feud with. I told him about Eddie and said we should tag together as it would be special. We tagged in England in Wolverhampton for the first time which is where the American Wolves name comes from and it just clicked. He's one of the best wrestlers in the world in my opinion."

On the separation of the American Wolves: "Terrible idea. I hated it and still do. The American Wolves will always be popular, we're just two guys who shut up and go out there and wrestle. I was getting a bit more popular as a singles guy and they thought they had to split us up which was a stupid idea. Cornette and Delirious laid it out and told me about Eddie getting the belt and he fully deserved it.

"His reign was overshadowed because he ended up looking like a guy who was just holding the belt for me. I don't like to be pushed as a "superstar," I like to go out and earn it. Now I'm doing my thing and he's doing his and we should be tagging in my opinion but I don't book things."

You can check out the trailer below:

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