Source: F4WOnline

As seen last night, WWE Superstar JTG spoke out about being unhappy with his role in the company and how he was tired of being taken advantage of. reports that there have been some payoffs come out in the past few weeks, mainly the WrestleMania 28 payoff, and that is part of why JTG is upset. Word is that JTG isn't the only midcard talent upset about the WrestleMania payoffs. Apparently with WWE touting the success of the WrestleMania buyrate, the talents expected the payoffs to be more than what they actually were.

Word going around is that many talents are upset about it and lots of are talking privately about it but everyone is afraid to speak out because of fear for losing their jobs.

It's always possible that JTG may be released soon but the feeling backstage was that he was not trying to get released. Talents were keeping their distance from him before RAW went on the air last night but after the show, officials were coming up to him asking if he was okay and what the problem was.

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