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- When John Laurinaitis was in Japan for the recent WWE shows, people in the Japanese wrestling business who aren't aware that he lost his real-life powers in the company came to see him and were pitching ideas about how their promotion could serve as a Japanese territory for WWE. The ideas pitched by promoters were that WWE would support their territory, send American wrestlers over where to work a full-time schedule as well as sign promising Japanese talents and use them on WWE TV. No word if there's any interest from WWE but likely not right now.

- WWE officials are looking at trying to find a TV outlet to air their pay-per-view pre-shows on, similar to what the FX Network does with UFC events. WWE's goal is to have the YouTube pre-show moved to regular TV by early 2013.

They also want to have a UFC-like one-hour coutndown show for WrestleMania 29, similar to the special they did for The Rock vs. John Cena.

- Below is the poster for Batista's MMA debut on October 6th from The Dunkin' Donuts Center in Providence, Rhode Island:

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