- Titus O'Neil and Darren Young are backstage complaining to Eve Torres. Eve hears something and runs off. Kaitlyn is backstage with a trainer and she's been attacked. She says someone attacked her and their face was covered. Apparently her ankle is injured.

- We get a look back at Kane and Daniel Bryan's anger management classes.

WWE Tag Team Title Match: Kane and Daniel Bryan vs. Kofi Kingston and R-Truth

Daniel Bryan is out first followed by his partner Kane. The WWE Tag Team Champions Kofi Kingston and R-Truth are out next. The match starts off with lots of back and forth. The champs end up taking control of Bryan. Truth comes in and shows off and Bryan turns it around. Kane tags in and clotheslines Truth. Kane takes Truth to the corner and beats him down now.

Bryan comes back in and unloads on Truth with kicks for a pin attempt. Kane with another tag and big dropkick to Truth. More tags between Kane and Bryan. Kane whips Bryan into the corner but he lands hard as Truth moves. Bryan gets upset and shoves Kane. They have words and Kane shoves him. The fans chant for them to hug it out but they keep shoving. Bryan mushes Kane in the face. Bryan stops him from getting upset and wants to hug it out.

They hug and in comes Truth. Bryan takes him down. They go on and in comes Kofi with offense. Kofi with the Boom Drop on Bryan. He readies for Trouble in Paradise but Kane pulls Bryan out of the ring for the save. Kane and Bryan argue some more at ringside. Kofi baseball slide kicks Kane and then leaps out onto Bryan. Kofi springboards in but Bryan catches him in the No Lock. Truth breaks it up for the save. Truth leaps out onto the floor for Kane but he moves. Kane slams Truth into the apron. Bryan dropkicks Kofi in the corner. Kane tags himself in and this upsets Bryan. Kane goes to the top but Kofi meets him. Bryan grabs Kane's leg so Kofi hits the mat without Kane. Kane shoves Bryan off. Bryan runs over and pushes Kane off the top. Kane splashes Kofi for the win and the tag titles.

Winners and New WWE Tag Team Champions: Kane and Daniel Bryan

- After the match, Kane and Bryan celebrate before meeting in the middle of the ring. They have words and raise their titles up after yelling about which of them is the champions. They come face to face and Kane makes the ring explode. Kane storms off and we go to replays.

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