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Tonight's Impact begins with recaps of Aces & 8's and Jeff Hardy's BFG win. It's Open Fight Night, who will get challenged?

We go backstage and Hulk Hogan greets Shaquille O'Neal. Shaq asks about Aces & 8's and says he's got Hogan's back. Shaq looks at the camera and shows his bicep and says he got that from Hulk.

Pyro goes off and Mike Tenay welcomes us to an unpredictable edition of Impact.

AJ Styles comes to the ring. Kurt Angle joins him on the stage and they make their way to the ring. Kurt says they used to be tag team champions just a few months ago but they were screwed by Kazarian & Daniels. Since AJ won his match last week, they have another shot. But Chavo & Hernandez have a shot as well. Angle says since it's Open Fight Night, he calls them out to the ring.

Open Fight Night: AJ Styles & Kurt Angle vs. Chavo & Hernandez

Hector Guerrero is on Spanish commentary. Chavo starts off with AJ. AJ puts him in a head-scissors and they reset. Chavo tags Hernandez in. Angle tags in as well and they go at it. Hernandez reverses an Irish Whip and takes Angle down with a shoulderblock. Chavo tags in and rocks Angle with an uppercut and takes control of Angle's head. Angle hits a suplex to escape and hit his own uppercut. Angle hits an explosive bell-to-belly to Chavo. Kaz & Daniels applaud from the stage as we go to commercial.

We're back and AJ is in control of Chavo in the ring. Chavo works his way up from a headlock and hits a back bodydrop. He tags Hernandez who throws AJ away like a rag-doll. Angle kicks Hernandez in the gut and they send him in for a double clothesline, but Hernandez ducks and hits his own one-man double clothesline. All 3 men are down as Chavo reaches for the tag from the apron. He gets it and goes up top and delivers a double dropkick to both Angle and AJ. AJ fights a suplex attempt by Chavo and kicks his head off. Angle tags in and German Suplexes both his opponents and applies the Angle Lock to Chavo but Hernandez breaks it up.

Angle applies it again right in the middle of the ring, but Chavo kicks out of it. Angle tags AJ who springs off the ropes and comes in with a flying forearm on Chavo. Hernandez takes out AJ, and Angle comes in with an Angle Slam on Hernandez. Chavo hits 2 of his 3 Amigos on Angle before AJ breaks it up and Chavo proceeds to hit 3 Amigos on AJ. Taz sells the move. Kaz & Daniels look on. Chavo goes up top and but misses with the Frogsplash. AJ hits the Pele on Chavo as Kaz & Daniels run-in and beat down both Chavo and AJ. Angle and Hernandez had clotheslined each other out of the ring.

No Contest

Hogan's music hits and he comes down with Sting's bat on his shoulder. Hogan says the next tag team title match will be a triple threat tag team match between the 3 teams.

-We go backstage and Al Snow talks about his new haircut and tonight's Gut Check. He is asked about Joey Ryan. Snow says we'll find out if Ryan crossed the line and Snow is on his way to the principal's office right now. We go to commercial.

Hogan is on his phone with Joseph Park. Park has the evidence in his hand and Hogan tells him he'll get people to expedite his way through security.

-We go to the office and Dixie and Bruce Prichard discuss Aces & 8's. There is knock on the door and it is Al Snow. Dixie says they can talk about this later and leaves.

-We go to the ring and it's Gut Check time: 18 year old, Evan Markopoulos. Out comes his opponent, Doug Williams.

Gut Check: Doug Williams vs. Evan Markopoulos

Evan's dad is at ringside. Evan gets the crowd clapping. They lock-up and Williams takes him down. They reset and Williams slaps him in the face. Evan gets a boot up in the corner and Williams hits him with a low-blow and a clothesline. Williams continues to take-apart Evan. Evan almost gets an upset but Williams hits him with a big knee to the grill. Evan lands a dropkick and a crossbody but it just angers Williams who proceeds to put the boots to him. Williams hits a vertical suplex. Evan mounts some offense with strikes to the face. Williams puts a stop to the flurry and puts him in a submission as Evan quickly taps.

Winner by submission: Doug Williams

James Storm makes his way to the arena as we go to commercial.

James Storm's music hits and he makes his way to the ring. He asks for a mic and gets a "cowboy" chant. He says that never gets old. Storm says he talks a lot of trash but he backs it up. He tells Roode this is beyond personal. He tells the "coward" to come out. Bobby Roode's music hits and he comes out in a suit.

Roode stops on the stage and says he's too overdressed to fight. He says no matter how hard he tries, Storm will never be as good as him or the World Champion. Roode says as far as he's concerned, he's through with Storm. Roode walks away. Hogan confronts Roode backstage and tells Roode it's Open Fight Night and he must fight if he wants to keep his job. He gives Roode 3 minutes to make his mind up. We go to commercial.

We're back and Storm is still in the ring and tells Roode he doesn't have all night. Roode's music hits and he reluctantly comes out and starts to remove his suit.

Open Fight Night: Bobby Roode vs. James Storm

Storm charges Roode on the ramp and starts to beat him with his own shoe and choke him out with his own shirt. Roode turns it around for a second and they ram each other into the steel structures on the stage. The ref tells them to get it in the ring. A huge "cowboy" chant breaks out as they fight toward the ring. They get in and the bell rings.

Storm hits rapid-fire rights in the corner. Roode launches Storm over the top and goes out to capitalize. Storm reverses and sends Roode into the steel steps. Roode turns things around and sends Storm into the guardrail several times. Roode grabs a beer from under the ring, takes a swig, and sprays Storm and the fans with the rest. Storm punches Roode, picks up the beer, drinks some, and pours some down a lucky fan's throat. Roode grabs a chair and violently swings but Storm ducks and Roode hits the steel post. A fan puts his foot up for Storm to ram Roode's head into. James Storm is trending on Twitter. They continue to go back and forth on the outside. Storm goes for a suplex on the floor but Roode reverses and hits it himself.

We're finally back in the ring as Roode hits a clothesline that just drops Storm. Roode throws Storm out again. The ref checks on Storm and Storm shoves him hard, which causes the ref to call for the bell as the men continue to brawl on the outside. They fight through the fans and to the back. Roode shoves the ref as well when he tries to break them up.


Hogan talks to a stage-hand backstage. Joseph Park never made it through security. Hogan's phone rings and Aces & 8's have Park hostage. We go to commercial.

We're back and Austin Aries and Jeff Hardy talk about their match at Bound for Glory. Aries says people think Hardy is the only thing with something to gain. Aries puts Hardy over, heavy, and says Hardy has had a Hall of Fame career and that Aries wants to be on the same level. Aries says he gets all that when he beats Hardy. He says he can do anything Hardy can do and tells him to watch.

Tara comes to the ring and we see a video of her attack of Miss Tessmacher from last week. Tara berates the fans and says her new boyfriend, who lives in Hollywood and is a huge star, opened her eyes to see she is the best female wrestler there is. She says Tessmacher used to her to get the title. She says it's Open Fight Night and her victim is Christy Hemme. She makes Christy get in the ring. Christy gets in the ring and tries to reason with Tara. Tara asks who her favorite Knockout is and Christy says right now it's Tessmacher. Tara grabs her by her hair but Tessmacher runs out to save the day. Tara shoves Christy into Tessmacher and escapes out of the ring.

Hogan walks toward the Impact Zone as we go to commercial.

Brooke Hogan confronts Tara backstage. Brooke is disappointed in her. They both flub some lines. Brooke says there will be consequences next week. Tara tells her to bring it.

Hogan makes his way to the ring. Hogan says Aces & 8's have taken Joseph Park hostage. He says they have invited Hogan into their world, their clubhouse, next week. Hogan says to do the right thing and release Park. Hogan keeps calling him "Parks."

Aces & 8's leader appears on the screen. He warns Hogan that when he comes to their clubhouse, it's club rules. He says they looked at Park's computer and he's good. One of the members takes a sledgehammer to a laptop as Park cries out from behind a fence that that was weeks of work. Park points to his head and says he's got it all right there. The leader says they can take care of that too. Park is struck in the head with a hammer and he goes unconscious. Hogan looks on in disbelief. His lip begins to curl as we go to commercial.

We're back and we see footage of what just happened to Joseph Park.

Austin Aries comes to the ring. He drapes his title across the top rope and says he is the hunter and Hardy is the target. He wants to prove he can do whatever Hardy can do. He says Hardy beat Bully Ray twice and now he wants to beat him too and calls him out. Bully asks people in the back if Aries really called him out as he comes to the ring.

Bully says to shut his music off. He says he beat the crap out of Aries and he'll do it again. Aries says he'll have to. Bully says he calls people out not the other way around. A fan touches him and Bully threatens to punch him in the face. Bully goes to ask if we know who he is and Aries leaps over the top to deliver a plancha to the outside. Aries puts the boots to Bully on the outside. Aries rams Bully's head into the steps. They get in the ring.

Open Fight Night: Bully Ray vs. Austin Aries

Bully hits a big boot and knocks Aries off the apron and to the floor as we go to commercial.

We're back and Bully is still in control of the champ. Bully tells the ref to count him out. Bully brings Aries in the hard way over the top. Bully hits a splash for 2. Bully hits a slam for another 2. Bully drops a measured elbow for another near-fall. Bully continues to talk trash to Aries. Aries fights back to a knee but is quickly knocked back down. Bully drops another huge elbow but Aries kicks out again. Bully tells Hebner he sucks as a ref. Hebner loses his patience and starts to back-down Bully. Aries takes advantage from behind and hits a Tornado Punch. Aries goes up top and hits a missile dropkick for 2. Bully accidentally shoves Aries into Hebner and he goes down. Aries hits a dropkick to Bully's legs and applies the Last Chancery. Bully taps but of course there is no ref. Bully grabs his chain and clocks Aries with it as Hebner starts to move. Bully gets the 3.

Winner by pin: Bully Ray

Bully gets on top of Hebner and hugs him. Bully asks for the title and raises it over his head. He waits for Aries to get up to clock him but Jeff Hardy comes to the rescue and holds the belt up himself as Aries comes to.

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