Source: PWInsider

- WWE still has not bought the UWF tape library from the family of Bill Watts. Word is that every time WWE passed them a new contract, there was something in there that the Watts family didn't like so they backed off. There's a feeling that the deal may not happen at all now.

- There are rumblings that WWE may be interested in helping to distribute the movie on the life of Bruno Sammartino that has been in the works in Hollywood for a few years now. The hope would be that this would lead to Sammartino allowing WWE to induct him into the Hall of Fame next year but people close to Bruno insist that he will not go into the WWE Hall of Fame.

- Regarding The Undertaker wrestling at WrestleMania 29, it's said that the decision is all up to him at this point. There is talk of using him just in the Royal Rumble main event if he doesn't want to come back for a full WrestleMania storyline and match.

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