Welcome to a Halloween edition of the WrestlingInc.com WWE Saturday Morning Slam Recap.

We go to the ring for the superstar who defies extinction, The Funkasaurus. Miz is on commentary with Josh Mathews. Epico makes his entrance with Primo but no Rosa.

Brodus Clay vs. Epico

Epico goes behind off the lock-up and Clay peels Epico's arms from around his waist and begins to strut with Epico in tow. Epico is frustrated but Clay continues to dance with him. Clay hits a couple of armdrags and a slam. Epico goes out to consult with Primo. Clay hits a fall-away slam and a splash in the ring for the win.

Winner by pin: Brodus Clay

We go to break.

We're back with Kane. He "dissects" past WWE monsters that have amused him. He starts with the Boogeyman. Next is Papa Shango. His brother the Undertaker is next. Kane ends with himself.

The voice-over guy segues fro beast to beauty and profiles Kaitlyn. We go to Kaitlyn who shows us how to make our own Halloween costume. She transfers herself into a penguin.

The 3rd Degree: Favorite Halloween Costumes Alicia Fox says she has collected millions of costumes. AJ says any strong female video game character. Miz says every kid should want to be him. Ted Dibiase was a cowboy. Brodus Clay like the horse costume where one person is the front and the other is the back.

We go to commercial.

Antonio Cesaro vs. Derrick Bateman

Bateman comes out with an American flag. Cesaro backs him into the corner and says he's stronger than the USA. Bateman answers back and does a USA pose. He rolls Cesaro up for 2. They do a series of reversals. Bateman dropkicks him out of the ring. We go to break on the ref's 7 count.

Brodus Clay brings us this week's PSA.

Cesaro is in control in the ring. Cesaro keeps the pressure on but Bateman stays alive. Bateman hits a flurry and covers him for 2. Cesaro grabs Bateman by his ankles and spins him around the ring. Cesaro waits for him to get up and charges in but Bateman pulls down the rope and Cesaro goes flying out of the ring. Bateman flies through the ropes with a suicide dive. Bateman brings Cesaro back in and goes up top but Cesaro avoids the splash. Cesaro hits his Neutralizer for the win.

Winner by pin: Antonio Cesaro

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