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TNA World Tag Team Championship: Chavo & Hernandez (c) vs. Daniels & Kazarian

Kaz & Daniels are out first. Chavo & Hernandez are out next. We see Hector Guerrero on Spanish commentary. The bell rings as Chavo and Daniels start things off. They lock up and Daniels takes him back to the corner. Chavo speeds things up with 2 armdrags and stomps Daniels on the mat. Chavo hits a hiptoss which brings Kaz in. Chavo hiptosses Kaz and he goes rolling to the floor. Chavo hits a Thesz Press out of the corner on Daniels and hits shots to the face. Chavo hits shots to the face mounted in the corner on Daniels. Kaz comes in and attacks Chavo from behind as the challengers double team and take control.

Hernandez tags in and overpowers Kaz & Daniels and tags Chavo back in. More quick tags from the champs on Kaz. Chavo goes up top and flies off but Kazarian moves and picks it up against Chavo. Kaz tags Daniels in who keeps Chavo in their corner. Daniels comes off the top with Chavo with a measured boot to the face. Chavo fights tries to fight out of the enemy corner but Kaz & Daniels set him up on the ropes and knock him to the floor with a dropkick. Kaz & Daniels do the Gangnam Style dance in the ring. More quick tags from the challengers on Chavo. Chavo hits a Tornado DDT on Kaz from out of nowhere and they both make tags. Hernandez turns things up against Daniels and hits an over the head suplex from a bearhug and a big splash in the corner. Kaz & Daniels capitalize with a missile dropkick double team behind the ref's back to get control. Hernandez comes off the apron and over the ropes with a double clothesline into the ring. Hernandez cleans house and goes to hit Air Mexico but Daniels kicks him in mid-air from the apron. Kaz and Daniels hit a High-Low but only get 2. Hernandez hits a double suplex and tags Chavo.

Chavo comes in with a double missile drop kick off the top. He hits a head scissors to Daniels and a 3 Amigos to both men. Chavo goes up top but Kazarian strikes him down with a dropkick. Hernandez throws Kaz to the floor but Daniels hits an STO lay him out. Hernandez puts Daniels on his shoulders and Chavo comes off the top with a crossbody for the win.

Winner by pin And STILL TNA World Tag Team Champions: Chavo & Hernandez

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