WWE SmackDown Results: John Cena & Sheamus Stand Tall, Ziggler, Team Hell No, Sandow & More

-Cena complains to Booker T in the back about Ziggler. Booker calms him down and says Cena needs to let the Sheamus-Ziggler match happen tonight and then after that he can do whatever he wants to Ziggler.

The Great Khali vs. David Otunga

Otunga and Khali are already in the ring. Hornswoggle is at ringside for Khali. Khali knocks Otunga to the outside and Hornswoggle jumps on him. Otunga chases Hornswoggle on the floor and Khali comes to the rescue. Back in the ring, Khali hits a big chop for the quick win.

Winner by pin: The Great Khali

Khali and Hornswoggle dance in the ring.

-We go to stills of WWE's visit to the USS John C. Stennis.

Kofi Kingston & Team Hell No vs. Wade Barrett & The Prime Time Players

The heels are already in the ring. Kane & Bryan enter together followed by Kofi. Kane starts off with Darren Young. Kane takes over on him and tags Bryan. Bryan hits No Kicks in the corner and tags Kane back in. Kane hits a running dropkick to a seated Young and gets 2. Young sees an opening and tags Titus O'Neil. Kane knock Titus to the floor and tags Bryan who hits a knee to Titus' head off the apron as we go to commercial.

Kofi and Young mix it up as we return. Kofi tags Kane who takes over on Young. Kane keeps Young in their corner and tags Bryan for some double teaming. Bryan gets 2 on Young. Young sends Bryan into Titus' boot on the apron. Titus tags in and takes over on Bryan. He quickly tags Young back in. Young resumes offense on Bryan and gets 2. Barrett tags in and hits a pump handle slam on Bryan for 2. More quick tags from the heels; they continue to cut off the ring from Bryan. Bryan gets his boots up in the corner against Titus and makes the tag to Kane. Titus also tags Young. Kane speeds things up and takes care of Barrett on the apron. Kane gets 2 on Young. Kane goes up top and comes down with a clothesline on Young but Titus breaks the pin. Kofi flies in and takes care of Titus and Barrett. Kane catches Young in the ring with a chokeslam and tags Bryan who comes off the top with a headbutt and applies the No Lock on Young for the win.

Winners by submission: Kofi & Team Hell No

The 3 men celebrate in the ring as Kane sets off his pyro.

-We go to the back where Matt Striker interviews Sheamus. Sheamus says thanks to Booker, Cena won't interfere but unfortunately for Ziggler, he still has to face Sheamus. Sheamus says everyone he sees looks like the Big Show. He says he is going to kick Ziggler's head off his shoulders.

-A RAW Rebound is shown of the Shield.

-Damien Sandow makes his way to the ring and says for the past few months he has tried to enlighten all of us but it was futile. He says he will not abandon us but he will no longer focus on the masses, he will redirect his focus on an individual basis. He will select one member of the crowd to be his apprentice. He ridicules some fans and decides on a man in a GTS shirt. Sandow gets in the ring and the man is helped in also. Sandow says he will ask him 3 questions that he must correctly answer. He asks how many wheels on a tricycle and how often we vote for a president. Then he asks what the orbital velocity of Jupiter's moon, Europa is. Of course the fan doesn't know and Sandow calls him an ignoramus. Sandow says the answer is 13.74 km/second. Sandow dismisses the fan from the ring. Sandow says, "You're welcome." We go to break.

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