Re-Post - TNA Impact Results With Tons Of Video

Bully comes down to the ring and chases Jesse and Tara around the ring. Bully catches Jesse in the ring and starts to steamroll him. Jesse hits chops that Bully no-sells. Bully hits a big boot to the face of Jesse and continues to slowly decimate him. Bully hits a loud chant in the corner and the crowd calls for one more. Bully concurs. They call for one more and Bully goes to do it but Tara enters the ring and pleads with him. Bully spanks Tara and she goes to the floor. Jesse attacks Bully from behind and goes on a rampage. Jesse hits a dropkick to Bully's head and poses, displaying Bully's hand prints on his chest. Bully fights his way up but is taken back down with a clothesline. Bully's forehead is cut open. Jesse hits another dropkick but hesitates and misses with the legdrop. Bully hits the Bubba Cutter for the win.

Winner by pin: Bully Ray

Bully screams into the hard camera and asks Hogan what it's going to take.

-Austin Aries tells the camera to back off in the back. He is on his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

-We return to footage from Final Resolution involving Roode and Hardy.

-We go to the ring as Austin Aries makes his entrance. Aries says he was the man that trumped Roode's offer to Aces & 8's. He says Hogan tossed him aside after he did Hogan's dirty work and jumped on the Hardy bandwagon. Hardy's music hits and he walks halfway down the ramp. He says all Aries has to do is ask. Aries says apparently he has to climb ladders and jump though hoops. Hardy gets in the ring and says next week is Championship Thursday. He says Hardy-Aries 3 for the World Title, next week. Aries says he doesn't do what the fans or Hardy wants. Hardy says he always gives the fans what they want and clocks Aries. They brawl and Hardy hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy takes his shirt off and goes up top but Aries slides out of the ring. Aries backs up the ramp and Hardy holds his title high as Impact goes off the air.

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