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-The opener runs and Michael Cole welcomes us to the show with Miz in the ring. Cole says CM Punk's doctor will make a decision tonight on whether CM Punk will be cleared to compete against Ryback this Monday on RAW in a TLC match for the Title. Miz says the U.S. Title is on the line as Antonio Cesaro defends against The Great Khali.

-We see a video package for Cesaro.

-We go to the ring and Antonio Cesaro is introduced. Cesaro walks down the ramp and says the video package we just saw is a bad music video and has no substance like typical Americans. He is cut-off by The Miz who basically tells him to leave America if he doesn't like it. Cole interrupts them and makes Cesaro turn his attention to a video package for The Great Khali.

-Matt Striker is standing by with Khali, Hornswoggle, and Natalya. Hornswoggle and Natalya give Khali some encouragement and they all walk-off chanting U.S.A.

-We see footage from last week when Khali won the battle royal to get this title opportunity. We go to break.

WWE U.S. Title: Antonio Cesaro (c) vs. The Great Khali

Cesaro feels him out with a couple of kicks but Khali catches his leg and drives him back into the corner and clubs him down. Khali delivers big chops to the chest and clotheslines Cesaro over the rope. Cesaro slowly gets in the ring as Hornswoggle and Natalya lead "USA" chants from ringside. Khali hits a big chop to the head and clotheslines Cesaro back out to the floor. Hornswoggle jumps on top of Cesaro and Cesaro chases him until Natalya makes him stop in his tracks. Khali reaches down and brings Cesaro in the ring by his head from the floor, over the top. Khali keeps the pressure on.

Cesaro catches Khali's groin across the top rope and takes over on the mat on Khali's legs. Natalya gets the crowd riled-up for Khali to break the leg-hold but Cesaro keeps the pressure on. Cesaro jumps on Khali's leg from the 2nd rope and goes back to working the left leg on the mat. Khali hits clubbing blows to the back of Cesaro's head and he breaks the hold and proceeds to stomp on Khali. Cesaro pumps his fists in the air as Miz wonder how he is going to put the big man away. Cesaro drops and elbow and gets 2. Khali kicks Cesaro off and hits a chop to get up. Khali fights off Cesaro with a reverse elbow and a boot to the face in the corner. Cole hypes the comeback and teases a title change but then sends right to a commercial.

-Back from the break as Khali waits for Cesaro to get up from the mat. Cesaro drives Khali's throat across the top rope as he jumps to the floor from the apron. Cesaro ducks a chop and hits a couple of European Uppercuts and then knocks Khali down like a big tree with a reverse springboard shoulderblock from the 2nd rope. Cesaro amazingly hits the Neutralizer on Khali for the win.

Winner by pin And STILL WWE U.S. Champion: Antonio Cesaro

Matt Striker interviews Cesaro in the ring after a replay and congratulates him but asks about Cesaro's hate for America while still being a proud U.S. Champ. Cesaro says this is not about hating America; it's about him being superior to everyone. He says this is the land of opportunity and he will grab whatever he wants. He turns his attention the The Miz and calls him a pudgy little chipmunk and invites him to get into the ring like a man. Miz tells him in he's not careful his title reign will end premature like his baldness. Miz starts to talk about America and says nobody is tougher than Americans. Miz continues get cheap pops about America and ends with, "Cuz you're in America and it's" The crowd chimes in with, "Awesome!"

-Miz sits back down with Cole and we see footage of Wade Barrett defeating Kofi Kingston for the Intercontinental Championship from RAW on Monday. Cole says he has an in-depth interview with Kofi when we return.

-We see the outside of the building in Richmond, VA as Cole sends to the video from RAW with Vince McMahon, CM Punk, and his doctor. We go back to Cole and Miz at ringside. Cole sends to a Tout Dr. Michael Sampson who says Punk is cleared to compete. Cole hypes the Punk-Ryback match on Monday as we see a graphic for it. Kofi has joined them at ringside and he says Barrett got the upper-hand on him once but he will beat him on SmackDown and regain his title. Barrett's music hits immediately and he comes out and asks if he heard Kofi just referred to his victory over Kofi as a one-time thing. Kofi says the Intercontinental Title is in his blood and he has to have it back. Barrett is in the ring by now and he looks down at Kofi at ringside and tells him that the IC Title deserves a real fighter and not a gymnast. He says Kofi will never get the title back. He challenges anyone in the locker room for a Gauntlet Match just so Kofi can see them all fall, one by one, to the Barrett Barrage.

-A RAW rebound is shown of Cena and the New Year's celebration with AJ and Ziggler.

-Back from a break as Barrett awaits his first opponent. Yoshi Tatsu walks out to his music.

Wade Barrett Gauntlet Match: Yoshi Tatsu, JTG, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston

The bell rings and Barrett lays Yoshi out with an elbow after Yoshi misses with a spin kick for the pin. JTG's music hits immediately and he gets in the ring but Barrett stomps him on his way in and sends him into the corner hard. Barrett hits a suplex and applies a reverse chin-lock on JTG. Miz and Kofi argue at ringside on commentary about the IC Title. Miz tells Cole he's just asking the "hard" questions. Barrett hits the bull hammer on JTG for the win. Justin Gabriel is out next and he runs down and hits a flurry of dropkicks of Barrett and clotheslines him to the floor as we go to break.

-Gabriel keeps control of Barrett in the ring as we return to action. Barrett works up from one knee and catches Gabriel with a clothesline out of the ring. Barrett goes out and slams Gabriel's head across the apron and gets 2 in the ring. Barrett hits punches to the stomach in the corner and gets another near fall. Gabriel comes back but Wade catches him with a back kick. Barrett kicks Gabriel in the head from the apron and Gabriel goes to the floor. Another near fall in the ring. Barrett hits a Big Elbow from up top for 2. Gabriel comes back with a series of kicks and comes off the ropes with a crossbody for 2. Gabriel hits a moonsault off the 2nd rope for 2. Gabriel slingshots himself into the ring from the apron but Barrett catches him on his shoulders and drops Gabriel's neck across the top rope for the pin. Kofi's music hits and he gets up from the announce table and hops onto the apron and springboards into the ring for a flurry on Barrett. Kofi hits the Boom Drop and connects with Trouble In Paradise for the win.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Barrett licks his wounds as he backs up the ramp and Kofi celebrates in the ring.

-We see a graphic for their match for the Intercontinental Championship this Friday on SmackDown. Next week on Main Event, Sheamus will face Dolph Ziggler.

-Kofi celebrates on the stage as we go off the air.

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