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- Impact begins with a recap of last week with Aces & 8's and Bully & Brooke. We are cordially invited to the wedding of Bully and Brooke.

- We go to shots of a cake and presents at ringside.

- Earlier Today: Bully nervously gets ready in the dressing room and gets a look at his tux. Spike Dudley knocks and comes in and they embrace. Bully tries on his taped glasses. Tommy Dreamer comes in and they hug. Bully has tuxedoes for both of them. None of them can believe Bully's getting married.

We go to Brooke getting her hair done and Miss Tessmacher and other Knockouts getting ready as her bridesmaids. Tessmacher asks if Brooke's dad is coming and she says she doesn't know.

- Pyro and crowd shots, as we are welcomed to the show by Tenay & Co. Jeff Hardy's music hits and he makes his way to the ring, slapping hands with the fans.

Hardy says the odds were stacked against him at Genesis but he prevailed again, holding up his title. The crowd chants that he's still got it and they're his creatures. Hardy says in 2013 he'll always be down for a fight. Kazarian & Daniels' music hits and they make their way to the ring. Kaz cuts a promo on the way down and calls the fans 'butt-puppets.' Daniels says he didn't think Hardy was the bragging type and starts to rundown his own accomplishments. Daniels says he didn't need any creatures to help him. He says the 'Creatures' are losers just like AJ and Hardy. Hardy wants a fight but Kaz attacks him from behind and they stomp him. James Storm's music hits and he comes to the rescue. Storm proposes a match between the four of them right now. Storm says this is not an option and he and Hardy go out and take it to Kaz & Daniels.

Jeff Hardy & James Storm vs. Daniels & Kazarian

The bell rings as Hardy sends Kaz into the ring. Storm clotheslines Daniels out to the floor then pulls Kaz out. Hardy hits a dropkick under the ropes to both of them as we go to commercial.

Storm hits a backdrop to Daniels in the ring as we return Hardy tags in for some double teaming and a near-fall. He tags Storm back in and holds Daniels for him; Storm comes off the top with an axe-handle to Daniels' arm. Kaz hits a cheap shot to Storm from the apron behind the ref's back and they double team Storm. Daniels gets 2. Kaz hits a nice standing dropkick and tags Daniels for more punishment. More quick tags.

Daniels pushes Hardy on the apron and the ref holds Hardy back as he tries to get him some. Storm hits and inside cradle and gets 2; Daniels resumes offense with a clothesline. Storm hits a Side Russian Leg Sweep and leaps and tags Hardy in. Hardy runs and hits a dropkick to Kaz as soon as Daniels tags him, sending him flying to the floor from the apron. Hardy hits a clothesline off the apron to Kaz on the floor. Kaz escapes back in the ring and Hardy hits him with a flurry and gets 2. Hardy hits Whisper in the Wind but Daniels makes the save. Hardy gets laid out and Storm comes in with Closing Time on Daniels. Daniels and Storm go to the floor. Kaz rakes the eyes and gets 2 on Hardy. Hardy hits the Twist of Fate to pin Kaz.

Winners by pin: Jeff Hardy & James Storm

Daniels attacks Hardy from behind and hits the Angel's Wings to Hardy onto the title belt. Daniels drapes the official title across his shoulder as he lies with his arm on a laid-out Hardy, antagonizing him.

- We go to the deliberations for Gut Check. We see a split screen of Jay Bradley and Brian Cage nervously waiting in the back.

- We return to Dreamer helping Spike with his shirt and Bully says Spike is a mess and still reeks of boo's. Joseph Park comes in and tells Bully it is because of him that he is in TNA and gives him a box of Cuban cigars. He tells him to keep it on the down-low, "Kay-Fab." Bully says, "Who?" Parks gives a thumbs-up on the way out and says, "Pre-nup?" Bully tells him thanks and tells him to get out of there.

- We go to the ring as JB introduces the judges for Gut Check. Jay Bradley and Brian Cage are introduced. Bruce Prichard tells Bradley that he was victorious but that is not all they were looking for. He gives Cage some praise but said that it wasn't enough and eliminates him. Cage leaves the ring. We go to Taz for his decision on Bradley and he says no. JB gives the mic to Bradley to cut a promo. Bradley talks about his discipline and his path that brought him here. Taz tells him to direct it to Al Snow and Prichard. Al Snow says yes. The crowd chants 'no' and boo's. Prichard says that by listening to the crowd, "At least they care." He says Bradley has gut and he says yes. Bradley points at Taz and shakes hands with Snow and Prichard. Taz puts out his hand and Bradley hesitates for a micro-second and Taz insists and says congratulations. We go to break.

- We're back as Christian York is introduced to the ring. Kenny King is out next. We see footage of York's victory at Genesis and King getting his heat back.

Kenny King vs. Christian York

York attacks King at ringside before he can even enter. York hits a clothesline and sends King in the ring and hits another one. York sends him in and hits a knee to the guts for 2. York continues with repeated kicks and knees to keep King down. King tries to escape but York pulls him back in. King comes back with a kick to the head but York stays one step ahead. King thumbs the eyes and rolls York up and holds the tights for the win.

Winner by pin: Kenny King

- Bully approaches Sting in the back and tells him the he's the only guy that trusts him and has his back. He says Brooke deserves to be happy and the only thing that will do that is if Hulk walks her down the aisle. He asks Sting to talk to Hogan. Sting says he will try.

- The announcers discuss things as we see the wedding cake.

- Austin Aries and Bobby Roode argue in a single mirror getting ready for the wedding. Aries says they've been carrying this company for years and asks where their celebration is. Roode agrees and Aries puts on all black. Roode says that's for a funeral and Aries says maybe it is. Aries has some objections he wants to air out and Roode says he's not even invited and he's going.

- The camera crew approach Hulk Hogan arriving in the parking lot like some paparazzi. They ask him if he's here for the wedding. Hogan no-sells and keeps walking. The guy asks if he's going to give Brooke away and he tells them to find something better to do and to get the camera out of there. We go to a commercial.

- We see more of Bully in the back with his friends. Taz walks in and says sorry and he's been working. They talk about 'Paul' not being there and Bully says he called him and he said he will call Bully back in, "Five minutes." They all say that in unison. Bully says Brooke's been texting her and she's a wreck. Taz says Hulk's a dad and it's a tough spot. Bully says that no matter what his three friends are here to see him get married.

- A video package is shown recounting the Hogan-Bully saga.

- Back in the arena as Sting's music hits and he comes out sans bat. Sting comes to the ring and says it feels good to be here and that love is in the air in his 'Joker' gimmick and calls Hulk to the ring. Hogan comes out and gets in the ring. Hogan tells him to cut the crap. Hogan says they've been in the business for a long time and they both have had people stab them in the back. Sting says Bully Ray has come to their aid a bunch of times and asks what it's going to take to let this thing happen. Hogan says everybody is telling him on social media not to trust Bully and he never will. Sting says he needs to do this for Brooke and himself. The crowd chants 'Do It!' Hogan says that he always does the right thing, brother; he drops the mic and walks up the ramp.

- Gail Kim approaches Taryn in the back and wants to show her what she cost her at Genesis on an iPad. Taryn sees Gail's foot on the ropes and assures her that tonight, everything will be called down the middle. Gail gets in her face and says it better be.

- We return to footage of Bully's bachelor party at 'Rick's.'

Gail Kim vs. Velvet Sky

Kim is out first then Velvet in her Catwoman suit. Taryn separates them in the corner and Gail puts on a headlock in the center of the ring. Velvet gets out and hits a shoulderblock; Gail rolls to the floor and complains of hair-pulling. Velvet gets 2 quick near-falls but Gail overtakes her. Gail hits a running clothesline and kicks Velvet after she falls and botches a move. Gail drops her in a reverse neckbreaker for 2. Velvet snaps a suplex for 2. Gail applies a head scissors to Velvet. Kim with a dropkick and Eat Defeat. Velvet's foot is under the rope and Taryn stops the count. Gail gets in her face and Velvet hits her with a bulldog from behind. Velvet hits a flurry and the In Your Face for the win.

Winner by pin: Velvet Sky

Velvet motions that she wants the title one more time.

- Brooke and Dixie Carter cry in the back and Dixie tells her that her dad loves her very much. They hug and Brooke tells her to get her butt out there because she needs her. The wedding is NEXT.

- We see a graphic for Daniels vs. Hardy for the World Title next week.

- Bobby Roode's music interrupts the announcers and he walks to the ring with Austin Aries. Aries shakes one of the presents with his ear to it on the way down. Roode says the only celebration that should go on this show is for them two. They get in the camera and talk about their accomplishments. They bicker a little and chime in with finishing each other's sentences. Aries talks about the current TNA titleholders. They want respect and it makes them sick. They say they object to the wedding. Chavo & Hernandez' music hits and they come down with their own objections.

Chavo says he and Hernandez object to the statements they are making about the champions of TNA. Aries says he objects to their objecting to his objections and calls them wedding caterers. Chavo & Hernandez attack them and Hernandez goes for a powerbomb on Aries but Roode pulls him out. The wedding is Next for real this time.

- Hogan shows Sting a picture of him and Brooke as a kid and tells him this is what he's been trying to protect his whole life. He says this isn't about Bully, he knows how this movie ends. Sting says that he agrees and that this business has jaded them. Sting says that maybe Hogan raised Brooke so well that she can see something in Bully that he is too blind to see. Sting says Hogan must walk Brooke down the aisle. Hogan says it's been a long day and he's going to pack his stuff and get out of here. But he says he always does the right thing for his family and the business.

- We go to the ring as Bully Ray comes out in his tuxedo grinning from ear-to-ear. Tommy Dreamer comes out with Miss Tessmacher. Spike Dudley comes out with Mickie James. Taz comes out with Christy Hemme. We go to commercial: Will Hogan walk Brooke to the ring?

We're back as the bridal music hits and Bully smiles toward the entrance. Brooke appears by herself and looks behind her a couple of times and keeps walking. Hogan appears from the side to cheers and chants. Hulk and Brooke walk arm-in-arm toward the ring. Hogan looks over at Bully and we can hear Bully saying thank you and nodding from the wide-shot. The crowd chants 'Shake his hand.' The pastor starts to do his thing. He asks who presents this woman and Hogan says he does and gives Brooke's hand to Mark. It's odd to see Bully smiling. It's time for the vows. Brooke can't believe she's doing this in the middle of a wrestling ring and says she can't imagine her life without him and says she love him.

Bully says he tried to write something down but she deserves words from the heart. We see Hogan peering in the background. Bully says he knew from the moment he saw Brooke that she was the one. He says she makes him happy. The pastor asks if anyone has an objection. Taz and Christy hand over the rings and Brooke says, 'I do.' Mark says, 'I do' with 'Yes' chants from the crowd. The pastor goes to pronounce them but Taz grabs the mic from him and says he has two questions. He asks if Bully's sure he wants to do this. He says the second question he has is, 'Is it just me or is it freakin' hot in here?' Taz removes his jacket to reveal an Aces & 8's vest.

Aces & 8's rushes the ring and beats down everybody. They are out in full force; Knox and Doc hold Brooke and make her watch her dad and Bully being beaten. Devon hits Bully in the head with one of the pillars from the set. Aces & 8's disappears. Brooke goes to check on her dad and he says to go check on Bully as the entire male wedding party is laid out in the ring and we go off the air.

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