TNA Impact Results - Hardy Vs. Daniels, Taz Refers To 'Higher Power' & More, Sound Off With Thoughts

We're back to action as Velvet hits a crossbody out of the corner for 2. Taz tells Tenay he like what Aces & 8's stand for and he like what he was told when he was recruited. Tara reverses and gets a near-fall. Tara hits a snap suplex and floats-over for 2. Tara shakes her 'cheeks' and hits the standing moonsault to get a 2. Tara throws Velvet by her hair across the ring and goes up top. Velvet slams her off and they both slowly get up. Velvet sends her in and quickens the pace and snaps off a head-scissors takedown.

Velvet makes the cover but Jesse distracts Taryn from the apron. Velvet causes Tara to knock Jesse off the apron; Tara counters a suplex and lands on top as Jesse holds Velvet's foot for the pin.

Winner and Still Knockouts Champion: Tara

- A promo runs for Open Fight Night from Manchester, England Next Week.

- Sting arrives in the back and blows off the interviewer and says he will says what he has to say in the ring shortly. We go to a commercial.

- Kenny King talks to a mirror in his locker and is caught by Zema Ion. King tells Ion to sit on the apron tonight and let him to the heavy lifting. He leaves and Ion sprays hairspray on in a mirror and calls himself the greatest X-Division champion ever and he will show King how to look good.

- Joseph Park makes his entrance to 'law show' music and says contrary to popular belief, he's not the most graceful athlete in the world. He says his place is not in the courtroom, but here on the Impact roster. He passionately says he's here the be the best he can be. He says he is ready for Open Fight Night from Manchester next week. He says the question is who should his opponent be. He doesn't want to 'kay-fab' anybody but he is going to study the tapes and render his verdict next week when the world will witness the Impact in-ring debut of Joseph Park. He will hold his court and get a win, his "W."

- Kenny King and Zema Ion come to the ring to King's music. Rob Van Dam and Christian York make their entrance.

Rob Van Dam & Christian York vs. Kenny King & Zema Ion

RVD starts with Ion and they go back and forth. RVD hits a dropkick and tags York who continues offense. RVD tags back in and hits a high-impact monkey-flip out of the corner. King grabs RVD's hair from the apron and he and Ion take over with quick tags. Ion goes up top but RVD avoids the 450 splash. RVD makes the hot-tag to York and he faces off with King.

Ion makes the save on a pin for King and all four men face off in the ring. Ion pushes RVD off the top and he hits the rail at ringside. King hits a Blockbuster to York and Ion makes the cover for the win.

Winners by pin: Kenny King & Zema Ion

- Taz gets a call and has to leave commentary.

- Bully and Brooke arrive in the back in a white Chevy pickup. They hold hands and Bully tells them to get the camera out of their faces. We go to commercial.

- Samoa Joe has words with Wes Briscoe and Garett Bischoff in the locker room as Kurt Angle arrives. Angle says shakes hands with them all and says he's not 100% from his injury but he knows what he has to do and the world will find out tonight. Joe leaves and they say they got his back.

- We see a video package for the Bully-Brooke-Hulk saga.

- Bully's music hits and he walks with a purpose with Brooke to the broadcast area but Taz has bailed. They go to the ring. Bully says last week was a nightmare. He calls Taz a scumbag and a coward. He says Sting is the only man that trusted him and Taz hurt him along with the guy he wants to trust him. He says he hurt Brooke the most. Bully says he can't say on TV what he wants to do to Aces & 8's. He tells them to sleep with one eye open. He asks Hulk Hogan to lift his suspension. Sting's music hits. Sting and Bully embrace in the ring. Sting says Hulk doesn't do anything halfway. He tells Hulk to take it all the way and announce in the UK next week that his new son-in-law is reinstated. Bully and Brooke hug in the ring as Sting leaves to his music.

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