Roddy Piper Calls CM Punk "Fantastic," Compares Punk To Himself

Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) of The Score Television Network, Baltimore Sun and Layfield Report spoke with former WWE Superstar "Rowdy Roddy Piper (@R_Roddy_Piper) on the set of a new TV pilot that he is co-starring in. During the interview, Piper discussed his relationship with Bret Hart and how he finally got vindication for his Wrestlemania 8 loss to Bret on the set of this new show.

Piper also discussed his son Colt's recent attempts to break into the wrestling business and his role in this new show co-starring Bret. He also gave his opinion on CM Punk's recent title run being compared to Piper's own heyday, and having high praise for CM Punk.

"I think that CM Punk is fantastic," Piper admitted. "He's overcome a lot of odds and he's right there in the mainstream, I'm really proud of him. I think that it might have been even a bit harder for CM Punk, because I wasn't playing under any rules. He's had to overcome the system, to a certain amount.

"Every once in awhile, he'll text me, like 'Happy New Year.' Or when he was hurt, I said, 'how ya doin' kid?' He texted me back, 'thanks for the class.' I think he's a great kid."

You can watch the entire interview above.

Iconic Snake contributed to this article.