Re-Post: TNA Impact Wrestling Results (W/ Tons Of Video)

- Kurt Angle is shown in the cage and he will be Live from Bellator in Charlotte, NC.

- We're back as they jockey for position is a collar-and-elbow lock. Aries does a cartwheel to avoid Roode and lounges on the turnbuckles. They stop to argue in the middle of the ring and have a shoving-match. Both men try to use the ropes to their advantage. Roode and Aries trade shots in the middle of the ring. Roode hits a vicious spinebuster for 2. Roode tries to bring Aries off the top in a superplex but Aries blocks it and claps Roode's ears to send him to the mat. Roode avoids the 450 but Aries lands on his feet. Aries counters a spear a flips into a Last Chancery. That was cool. Roode rakes the eyes and goes to a crossface.

Aries rolls out and they counter each other. Aries pushes Roode into the ref and he goes down. Roode goes out and gets a chair. Roode waits for the ref to start to get up and slams the chair on the mat and falls on his back. Aries does the same. That's a first for me, folks; unique and amusing spot. Both men get up complaining about getting hit as the crowd chants, 'TNA.' Chavo & Hernandez walk down the ramp and Roode and Aries reluctantly walk toward them. Chavo has an Aries shirt on and Hernandez has one of Roode. The ref counts as both men leap to make it back in but they don't.

Double Count-Out

- Hulk and Sting talk in the back. Sting says he is glad he doesn't have to make this decision. Hulk goes the wrong way to the arena and Sting corrects him. Not sure what to make of that. We go to break.

- Hulk Hogan makes his way back to the ring and says it has been crazy in the back because of all the energy the crowd has been sending. Before Hogan can make his decision, Aces & 8's comes through the crowd and surrounds the ring. Bully Ray limps out with his chain and gets in the ring. Bully keeps the gang at bay. Sting's music hits and he walks down with 3 bats and hands them off to Hogan and Bully. Devon and co. retreat but who will face Jeff Hardy?

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