Thanks to reader R. Stevens for sending in these results from tonight's WWE SmackDown live event at Reed Arena, Texas A&M in College Station, TX:

Damien Sandow vs. The Miz - Very good on mic for both, Sandow was great in heel role, pissing off crowd. He got a pop for "There's a saying that everything is bigger in Texas." Then followed with "Including the ignorance level!" Great action here, both worked the crowd very well. Miz wins with figure four.

Layla & Kaitlyn vs. Aksana & Tamina Snuka - Kaitlyn grabbed a sign from Sign Guy Army dude ringside that read "Cheapest Mail Order Brides" with Aksana and Tamina's photos on it. Match was what you would expect, Layla was great wrestling & working the crowd, Tamina decent, Aksana awful but did try to shhhhsshhh the crowd chanting for a comeback when Tamina was in the ring. Kaitlyn got win but was not over or sharp as champion. Tamina got to dominate her time in ring. Aksana was just there to job. Layla had one of the best fan responses of the night.

Jack Swagger with Zeb. Classic intro promo, and Zeb threw out the "Have you seen Glenn Beck around? Well Jack and I are looking for him." Lots of heat, and a few cheers for the gimmick.

Jack Swagger vs. Sin Cara. The fans were very vocal booing Swagger and cheering Sin Cara. Match mostly dominated by Swagger, rebound offense by Sin Cara left Swagger sliding to outside where he caught a flying Sin Cara. He ring posted him and dropped on floor. Back in ring, very nice leg on ring ropes and vicious looking elbow drop onto ankle. Swagger slide about ring ala. Orton's slithering and Patriot locked Sin Cara for the win. 8 minutes

Jacked up Cody Rhodes promo with comb mustache played on TVs. Basically, Rhodes vs. Orton later... then Fandango came out to shake and dance for the crowd. Basic comedy heel stuff, some supporters and lots of boos.

Fandango vs. Ted DeBiase, Jr. was a forgettable match, Fandango stick is a mixture of Disco Inferno and Val Venus in a cheap kind of sad way. Ted made fun of Fandango and did Psy's Gangnam style dance. Nice "Fandango... Sucks!" chant several times in the match. DeBiase did the job, Fandango got the win.

Little Natch' Charles Robinson out for Cody Rhodes vs. Randy Orton. Rhodes got okay heat on intro, crowd didn't seem to realize he's supposed to be the bad guy here - he did the tweener thing posing for cheers and playing with his mustache. Randy Orton was over huge throughout. During Orton's intro Rhodes and Robinson did a stick where Robinson was giving Rhodes instructions like no hooking the cheek and he was signaling he was watching Robinson. Long time to start with Orton hugging an old lady in crowd and Cody objecting and demanding they throw her out of the arena. Match started and after first exchange Orton blew the lady a kiss, which made Cody mad. Cody kept imploring why the old lady didn't want to hug him. Very solid match, with Orton winning. Lots of RKO chants, Cody's Mustache Chants, etc. Orton played the crowd as they went to intermission and Robinson helped Cody to back.


Music - nice music coming back from intermission, not sure what it is. The pre-show had a bunch of Iron Maiden including Fear of the Dark.

Great Khali & Brodus Clay with Funkadelics vs. Primo & Epico with Rosa. Basic comedy match, girls had a dance off to start, fought and had to be broken up by the men. Khali was less than impressive in real life. Brodus Clay won with a slam after a Khali chop. Highlight was Rosa Mendes, trying to quiet the crowd, in fear for her guys, and Sign Guy Army guy with a Spanish for Dummies book trying to score points and flirt with Rosa.

Non-title Match: Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus. Crowd wasn't into this match at all. Same stuff we've seen on TV. Throughout, the Sign Guy Army guy had to keep starting Sheamus chants, over and over. Match dragged. Some reaction, some oohhhsss and ahhhs... but underwealming match. Crowd got into it at the end, when after the Sheamus victory called the "Ginger Tosser" back out to have his "Ginger Bollocks" kicked. Brogue Kick for the biggest reaction of the match.

Sheamus did the ring run to shake hands and pose with fans. Meanwhile, Little Natch returned and had a nearly 2-3 minute conversation with Sign Guy Army guy.

Main Event - Fans Voted No DQ stipulation over the 2 out of 3 Falls.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show. Solid reaction, for Roberto Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio, they introduced Texas A&M Football Head Coach Kevin Sumlin. Big reaction from fans. Del Rio is over big with most of the fans. Big Show interrupted Coach Kevin Sumlin getting an honorary Heavyweight Championship. Lots of heat, Big Show definitely played it up. Ran down fans including "You fans can't even chant 'Big Show Suck' properly!" Well done and true. Sign Guy Army guy lead a "You Tapped Out" Chant. Show is huge, intimidating. Regular match from them, Big Show grabbed Coach Sumlin's steel chair and then had it used on him by Del Rio. Si, Si, Si chants at points. Kevin Sumlin chants. Del Rio was good at pumping up the crowd. Del Rio won by knocking out Big Show with belt after distraction from Roberto Rodriguez. 16 minutes

Crowd enjoyed the show, almost 3 hours total. Crowd was stoked for a Undertaker appearance after Waco last night; alas it didn't materialize. I was looking forward to Mark Henry continuing to bring the pain.

Biggest Pops
Randy Orton
Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez & Coach Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M)
Brodus Clay

Most Heat
Damien Sandow
Jack Swagger w/Zeb
Big Show
Cody Rhodes

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