WWE Live Event Results From College Station (2/24) - Did Undertaker Appear?, Swagger In Action, More

Non-title Match: Wade Barrett vs. Sheamus. Crowd wasn't into this match at all. Same stuff we've seen on TV. Throughout, the Sign Guy Army guy had to keep starting Sheamus chants, over and over. Match dragged. Some reaction, some oohhhsss and ahhhs... but underwealming match. Crowd got into it at the end, when after the Sheamus victory called the "Ginger Tosser" back out to have his "Ginger Bollocks" kicked. Brogue Kick for the biggest reaction of the match.

Sheamus did the ring run to shake hands and pose with fans. Meanwhile, Little Natch returned and had a nearly 2-3 minute conversation with Sign Guy Army guy.

Main Event - Fans Voted No DQ stipulation over the 2 out of 3 Falls.

Alberto Del Rio vs. Big Show. Solid reaction, for Roberto Rodriguez, Alberto Del Rio, they introduced Texas A&M Football Head Coach Kevin Sumlin. Big reaction from fans. Del Rio is over big with most of the fans. Big Show interrupted Coach Kevin Sumlin getting an honorary Heavyweight Championship. Lots of heat, Big Show definitely played it up. Ran down fans including "You fans can't even chant 'Big Show Suck' properly!" Well done and true. Sign Guy Army guy lead a "You Tapped Out" Chant. Show is huge, intimidating. Regular match from them, Big Show grabbed Coach Sumlin's steel chair and then had it used on him by Del Rio. Si, Si, Si chants at points. Kevin Sumlin chants. Del Rio was good at pumping up the crowd. Del Rio won by knocking out Big Show with belt after distraction from Roberto Rodriguez. 16 minutes

Crowd enjoyed the show, almost 3 hours total. Crowd was stoked for a Undertaker appearance after Waco last night; alas it didn't materialize. I was looking forward to Mark Henry continuing to bring the pain.

Biggest Pops
Randy Orton
Alberto Del Rio (w/Roberto Rodriguez & Coach Kevin Sumlin, Texas A&M)
Brodus Clay

Most Heat
Damien Sandow
Jack Swagger w/Zeb
Big Show
Cody Rhodes

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