Jesse Sorensen On If He'll Wrestle Again, Zema Ion Not Reaching Out, New Role In TNA, Dixie

His recovery: "My poor mom, she loves wrestling and she's not a huge fan of me doing it because she's seen I've blown my knee out, I've separated shoulders, everything like that and I would usually call her after all the TNA events and let her know I'm OK. She was watching the PPV when it happened and she was sitting there with my little brother and my grandma and she's like, 'o no, it's probably just part of the show, he's fine,' and then I remember Dixie called her up from my cell phone so she thought it was me calling and Dixie told her they had me in the ambulance and taking me to the hospital. Well then I remember I got to the hospital and that's the only thing I wanted to do. I was like, 'just let me call my mom.' They had to completely stabilize me and they finally got on the phone with her and told her he probably won't make it through the night. So they flew her out first class. They thought I wasn't going to survive because I broke my C1, my C2 and then I herniated my C5 and C6, but the C1 is like a ring at the top of your skull and it controls all of your range of motion and they said normally what happens is that bone will snap inward and it'll sever all the nerves there which controls your breathing, controls the blood pumping to your brain, everything, and somehow mine went in, hit my spinal cord and bounced back out. So by some miracle that happened but like they said, I had to be completely stabilized, I couldn't move at all that day or that night when I was in the hospital just because any slight movement could cause that bone to go in. So they sedated me for the night and then when I woke up my mom was there and she told me, she was like, 'they said you're not going to move again', because I couldn't feel anything from the neck down. They were like, 'you're not going to move again' and it was funny because I always ate so clean and my mom brought me Wendy's and she's like feeding me this milkshake and that's when she decides to drop the news on me. I was like, 'you just ruined all this'. But yeah, they told me I would never move again and then it was almost two days later I moved. They had just come in to talk to me about how things are going to be and I could already move my hands. I didn't have a lot of feeling but I could move them. Then within about an hour I could feel my feet and everything was coming back and they sent a physical therapist in to work with me and she helped me get out of bed and to the door of the room. Then I walked down this long hallway by myself. Like this 20 foot hallway just by myself."

Getting back into shape so quickly: "It was weird because anytime I told the story nobody believes that I broke my neck. Then I tell them how serious it was and they're like 'there's no way you broke your neck.' I think I just never really stopped training which in the long run might have affected me a little bit, but I remember being at home in my neck brace and I started losing a bunch of weight so I would do pushups and stuff at home. I had a stationary bike I would ride. I was sitting there in my recliner and I had these 10 pound dumbbells; I was sitting there just doing curls and just sitting around watching wrestling. I guess I never really quit training so I didn't really lose a whole lot."

Dixie and TNA's support: "Dixie has, out of everybody, probably been the most amazing. She's totally taken care of me. When she was in the hospital with me she was just like a mom. She was there before my mom was and was just there telling me everything's going to be ok and totally took care of me. I mean, she was there from the time I got hurt, she was holding my hand right after I got paralyzed. Dixie has been absolutely amazing. Totally taken care of me and its cool because still to this day some people are like, 'are you going to wrestle? Are you not?' Dixie always tells me, 'I know you're going to wrestle again. I know it's going to happen.' So she's been very positive. So has everyone else at TNA. All the boys, they're like, 'I can't wait till you come back and wrestle,' even if we don't know I can. It's been really cool. Everybody's been very supportive, which was cool because I hadn't been in TNA that long and I was just always a shy kid so I didn't make a whole lot of friends while I was at TNA. I had the guys I hung out with but it was cool because I got really close to a lot of people after this happened."

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