WWE RAW Results - Legends Quiz Rock And Cena, The Shield In Action, More

Back from the break and Barrett is in control with a pin attempt. During the break, Barrett threw Miz into the barrier outside of the ring. Barrett chokes Miz on the ropes now. Barrett with knees to the face. Barrett sends Miz to the floor with a big knee. The crowd boos Barrett. Barrett brings it back in for a 2 count. Barrett works on the lower back now. Miz makes a comeback and sends Barrett into the turnbuckles. Miz with a crossbody and a high knee. Miz hits the running clothesline in the corner and goes to the top. Miz comes crashing down on Barrett for another 2 count. Barrett blocks Skull Crushing Finale and hits Winds of Change for a 2 count. Miz slides out of Wasteland and blocks a big kick. Miz goes for Figure Four but Barrett turns it into a 2 count. Miz sweeps Barrett and goes for the Figure Four again. Barrett kicks him into the ring post. Barrett rolls Miz up for 2. Barrett with a big kick to the head and a 2 count. Barrett goes for the Bullhammer Elbow but Miz ducks and rolls Barrett up for 2. Barrett tosses Miz to the apron. Miz ducks and Barrett gets hung up on the ropes. Miz drops Barrett and applies the Figure Four for the non-title win.

Winner: The Miz

- Kane and Daniel Bryanare backstage having a little argument. Kaitlyn comes in and hushes them up. She says they need to move on from AJ Lee. AJ walks in and listens as Kaitlyn talks about AJ's past with them both. Kaitlyn rips into AJ while she listens. AJ attacks from behind and beats her around the room. Kane and Bryan pull her off and take her out of the room.

- Still to come, Legends will ask questions to Rock and Cena. Also, The Shield will be in action. Back to commercial.

The Shield vs. Zack Ryder, Justin Gabriel and The Great Khali

Back from the break and The Great Khali is in the ring with Zack Ryder and Justin Gabriel. Out comes Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns through the crowd.

Rollins and Khali go at it. Khali takes him to the corner and hits a big chop before tagging in Ryder. Ryder and Rollins go at it. Rollins runs into double knees but sends Ryder to the mat from the top. Rollins stomps away on Ryder mounts him with right hands. Ambrose comes in and they double team Ryder. Ambrose works over Ryder and hits a dropkick against the ropes. Reigns comes in and decks Ryder. Reigns tosses Ryder into the corner and beats him down.

Ambrose comes in for more double teaming on Gabriel now. Khali gets knocked off the apron. Ambrose holds Gabriel in a surfboard type move as Rollins comes crashing off the top for the win.

Winners: The Shield

- After the match, The Great Khali comes in and attacks The Shield but they beat him down and hit the triple powerbomb. They pose but Sheamus' music hits and out he comes to the stage. Randy Orton's music hits next and out he comes to stand beside Sheamus. Orton and Sheamus head to the ring for a fight. Big Show comes through the crowd and they have the ring surrounded. Show, Orton and Sheamus hit the ring and a brawl breaks out. They clean house and The Shield retreats through the crowd. Sheamus, Orton and Show look at the WrestleMania sign as Show's music plays.

- Still to come, the Rock and Cena Q&A.

- We get a look back at Chris Jericho and Fandango from earlier. Backstage, Jericho walks out of Vickie Guerrero's office and Josh Mathews stops him for comment. Jericho says when you've done what he has in WWE, you become a target. Jericho says Fandango has kicked his ass twice in a row and it means nothing, he's proven nothing. Jericho says Fandango will now get his chance at WrestleMania 29. Jericho vs. Fandango is official.

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