DDP Talks DDP YOGA, Recovery And Progress For Jake Roberts, Scott Hall, More

"It was all my ideas. He just played them out perfectly and he became one of the biggest stars in the business. And when he came back to WCW with Nash and they were the baddest guys on the planet and nobody dropped them for nine months. I did. Nobody got to them before DDP, nobody. And when that night I put on the now shirt and went to give Kev the big hug and Scott grabbed my hand and we shook hands, he went to pull away, I pulled him into the Diamond Cutter, the roof blew off. That was the beginning. Kevin Nash getting backdropped over the top rope through the table, me taking off into the crowd, that was the beginning of my career rocketing. And right after that it falls to Randy Savage. And the feud I had with Randy Savage, again feud of the year. I was so blessed and it was Scott that really made that happen with Kevin. And again, now I'm just coming back and helping Scott after he helped me. There's a lot of history with me, Jake and Scott. So, you know it was an amazing time in my life. But what I'm doing today, I mean what I'm doing today I can't even express in words. I get choked up all the time because it's so emotional. And it's powerful. 20% of our sales everyday, come from friends, family and co-workers. I mean people are telling each other about it. You know that's as cool as it gets to me."

On his Docu-mercial: "We went out to L.A. last week. Jake came out with me. I brought Arthur and a couple of other great stories. We have so many stories. We've been filming Jake from the beginning. As a matter of fact, yesterday we filmed our first workout that we had in like 5 weeks because of shoulder surgery. And he's so far ahead of where he should be right now. Especially for being a beat up 57 year old warrior. But Jake's videos will be one of the ones coming up soon. But you can see that transformation in the video. It's like really powerful. Of course we're filming everything with Scott too. But we've got a lot of other people out there too and one of them is this guy Slim. And I actually brought him and his wife out to be part of the docu-mercial. Again, DDP Yoga is not about weight loss. It's about healing my body, healing my back so I can go back into that ring at 42 and live the dream again. The whole weight loss thing is just an awesome side effect."

You can download the full interview by clicking here, or listen to it below:

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